Looking for easy and fun indoor activities for kids to burn energy and to be happy? Amid the current situation, it seems, that many of us will be stuck at home for quite some time…and desocialize. It’s indeed very hard for everyone, physically as well mentally. Especially for our little ones is super hard to be at home all the time, but the alternative is much harder.

So, let’s stay healthy physically and mentally, while voluntarily or involuntarily indoors! Open your windows regularly, use your balcony or backyard, if you have one and try to get some sunlight! Take care of your bodies and hearts. And make the most of the time being with your family.

To help with the current situation, we’ve rounded up some great indoor activities for kids. It’s an open list and we are going to add regularly more activities for kids especially gross motor, fine motor and sensory activities.

Indoor Activities for kids

Fun and engaging, these activities at home are great for ages 2-5 and can be repeated daily. And most importantly, you can set them up in less than a minute.

Gross Motor – Indoor Activities for Kids

1. 10-Minute Standing Barre Core Workout

This is just great indoor activity for kids as well adults. Staying at home, reduces significantly our physical activity and can have impact on our immune system. So, what’s the solution?

indoor activity for kids

Science suggests in fact, that physical activity may help flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways. This may reduce our chances of getting a cold, flu, or other illness. Exercising as little as 10 minutes a day, can help you stay healthy and happy.

This 10-Minute standing barre core workout by Popsugar Fitness is simply great.

It’s challenging enough to make you sweat and easy enough to be followed also by a 2-year-old. So, check it out for yourself – this is a short video of our little one, following the instructions.

2. Couch Diving – Gross Motor Indoor Activities for Kids

Kids love to be active! And what’s more active than jumping? Couch Diving! I’m in fact pretty happy that our IKEA Vallentuna couch can be taken apart as we want! That’s how couch diving becomes pretty safe activity even for a 2-year-old. Up and down and all around!

20 Indoor activities for kids

3. Jumping Islands – Gross Motor Indoor Activities for Kids

Wondering how can you use your kid’s IKEA step stools? Well, you can build a jumping islands. That’s super fun activity for kids, that keeps them busy and active for a while.

Indoor Toddler Activities at Home

Most importantly, make sure that you place the step stools on nonslip surface! Ever since our little one started to walk, we put carpets at home everywhere. That’s how we made sure, that he does not get that hurt if he falls down.

And that’s how jumping islands work in our case:

4. 4-Minute Workout for kids

These 16 yoga and ballet inspired exercises for kids, will make your little one not burn off great amount of energy, but also have lot’s of fun with the activity flash cards.

5. Match the Number

Try out today Match the Number – a simple and fun educational indoor activity. It’s great to practice not only gross motor and fine motor skills but also early math skills.

6. Balls on a Drying Rack

Balls on a drying rack is one of our favourite indoor toddler activities. It has so many variations and you can practice not only gross motor and fine motor skills, but also math and language. All you need is just few balls and a drying rack!

7. Fishing in Pool

Our little one loves fishing. And when fishing outdoors is not an option, he does it at home. Either quietly in a fishing station or more actively, in our self-build ball pit.

8. Islands and Caves

Take all the step stools you have and build a jumping islands. Then add some big boxes in the path. That will be your caves. Your little one has to jump from island to island and sit still in the caves. That’s super fun activity for kids, that keeps them busy and active for a while.

9. Jumping up and down in Muddy Puddles

Well, when jumping up and down in muddy puddles outside is not an option, then let’s do it inside. We use part of our couch, but it works great with a mattress as well. If your little one likes Peppa Pig as much as our does, you can play Peppa Pig “My First Album” 2019 on Spotify.

Sensory and Fine Motor Activities – Indoor Activities for Kids

10. Mystery Bag

11. Ladybugs in a tree

12. Honey Bee Sensory Bag

13. Easter Nesting Dolls Play

Nesting materials like these help your little one understand spatial relationships, develop fine motor skills, and learn comparison (big, bigger, small, smaller), as well as prepositions (inside, outside, under). It’s super easy to create them and so much fun to play with them!

14. Ladybugs in a Flower

15. The Wheels on The Bus Sensory Bag

One minute is all the time you will need to create this super easy AND super fun “The Wheels on the Bus” sensory bag. This sensory bag is great for ages 1-3 and helps your little one to practice their fine motor skills.

Practical Life – Indoor Activities for Kids

16. Simple Pouring Station

17. Cutlery sorting

18. Feed Beany – Indoor Activities for Kids

Beany – the bean eating monster loves beans – cook for him. You can serve them plain or in a sensory bag.

Great Posture – Indoor Activities for Kids

19. Book Balancing on the head

We all live in a digital age with our heads down to the phone or Ipad. Well, we all look better and are happier when we have a good posture. So let’s go back to the books and balance them on our heads. So much fun when we all do it together!

indoor activities for kids

20. Dancing Class

Make a playlist with your little ones favourite nursery rhymes and song and ask them to teach you dancing. Not only you are going to get to know your kid better, but you can dance together and that’s super fun.

Stay at Home

Above all, we hope that staying at home will save lives. Indeed, we hope, that staying at home, will save the enormous work and limitless efforts of all the people around the world who fight daily to save lives. And of course, we hope, that staying at home, will help us to have our lives back. Staying at home makes us appreciate all the freedom we have and nature we do not always protect.

Stay sane, happy and healthy!

Happy Playing!

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