22+ Fun and Easy Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

Looking for some inspiration and fun ideas for toddler fine motor activities at home? What should a toddler’s routine be? Check out these 22+ easy and fun fine motor activities for toddler and preschoolers! Those are great for early childhood, especially for 2 and 3 year olds. Try them out fall, winter, spring and summer with your toddler or preschooler and help your early learners practice their fine motor skills every day!

Fine motor activities are certainly a must for every daily toddler schedule. This is because fine motor skills are enormously important for all of us. To illustrate how important, just imagine life without being able to write, type, turn pages, brush teeth, wash face and hands, eating, cooking, cutting, opening and closing doors, locks, holding keys and so much more… Therefore, it good to know that from birth to eight years, children continually acquire, refine and consolidate their motor functions and skills.

Mastery of fine motor skills requires not only precision and coordination but also a great amount of concentration and practice. Thus, it’s crucial that your toddler engages daily in activities that help to develop their dexterity. Fine motor can be developed through experiences involving materials that support building strength in the arms, hands and fingers as well as opportunities to mark-make, draw and write.

In order to make our lives as parents easier, we prepared a list of 22+ easy and fun fine motor activities that can be repeated daily. So, when you need a fun toddler activity idea, you will know where to find it!

Most of the activities are certainly self-explaining. Nevertheless, you will find videos and links to some of the fine motor activities on this list, to get a better idea, how the activity can look like.

So, Happy Playing!

22 Fine Motor Activities for your Toddler Daily Schedule

  1. Doing jigsaw puzzles

2. Playing with play-doh

3. Painting and drawing

4. Finger painting

5. Colander pipe cleaner

6. Stacking blocks

7. Ball in a bottle

8. Colouring Pages

9. Tracing Shapes

10. Stencil Tracing

Stencil Tracing

11. Connect Four for One

12. Shortbread Transfer

13. Cutting with knife or scissors or peeling with a peeler

14. Opening and closing bottles and jars

15. Chase that egg

16. Spooning balls

17. Pretend play cooking

18. Ball/ cars in the hole

toddler activities fine motor skills

19. Ball soup

20. Playing with a Toy Farm

21. Playing with Hot Wheels cars

22. Play with Sticks

23. Straw in a Cup

24. Straw and Wooden Coffee Stirrers

25. Wine cork in a bottle

26. Kneading and Rolling Out Dough


Happy Playing!

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