Spring, summer, fall and winter – there is always time for no-prep, fun and easy outdoor activities for active kids, toddlers and preschoolers! Our little ones had to stay indoors at home this year longer than any other year. So, we all are looking forward to be outdoors! Fun and engaging activities, fresh air and good laugh is what we all need right now!

This is an open list of no-prep, fun and easy outdoor activities for kids ages 2-7. You can do them anywhere – in the park, on the beach, in the backyard. Stay healthy and happy and exercise as much as you can! We all need that.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

1. Beach Obstacle Course

Great to do, when you live close to the beach. We used the set up that was already there.

2. Run away from the waves

Chasing the waves has a new meaning with a toddler.

3. Run on a rope bridge

Rope bridge? Run as fast as you can!

4. Outdoor obstacle course

Super easy to set up, this outdoor obstacle course is a great way to practice gross motor skills every day.

5. Balancing Circles

6. Hands and Feet Hopscotch

Draw footprints and a hand print in a row for as long as you like and then start hoping! Great to do together in the park!

7. Water High 5

Not only balloons, we have so many silicon hand-gloves now! Take one or two out, fill them with water and let your little high five them!

8. Catch the Wind

Run and try to catch the wind!


9. Chasing Butterflies

10. Slide the Ball

11. Gardening

12. Making Puddles

Fun Outdoor activities for kids

13. Outdoor Painting

Fun Outdoor activities for kids

14. Flying my Airplane

15. Kite Flying

Fun Outdoor activities for kids

16. Car Wash

Fun Outdoor activities for kids

17. Chasing Fireflies

Fun Outdoor activities for kids

18. Water balloon Piñatas

Great idea for summer fun found on Pinterest (HelloWonderful.co and by PagingFunMums.com)

19. Rainy and Cold Day in the Summer?

Time to Splash!

20. Hiking the Toddler Way

21. Skateboarding

Summer is the best time to teach your child how to skateboard.

22. Hopscotch

23. Visit a Farm

24. Riding a tricycle

25. Riding a Pony

26. Chinese jump rope

27. Swimming

28. Outdoor Pouring Station

Summer is the favourite time of all kids obsessed with water. So, let’s get all wet.

29. Building san castles

Looking for more inspiration? Try out these ones here!

Happy Playing!

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