5 Easy Ball Toddler Activities at Home

If you ask yourself what to do with a 2-Year-Old, we have 5 easy ball toddler activities at home. These 5 indoor activities are not only fun and engaging, but also help them practice their gross motor and fine motor skills.

Post update October 2020.

One year later, our 3-year-old uses them to learn the alphabet, building short words and tries his first reading.

Balls are just wonderful because toddlers can use them in so many ways. They can master with them new skills and learn new concepts. The only thing that you need to do is to search for a bag of plastic balls at home. If you have a toddler, the chances that you have somewhere a bag of those 100 plastic colorful balls are pretty high.

At this time, we have two bags of them and we keep them mainly in a huge Ikea laundry basket with velcro fastener, so Aiden can easily access them. Aiden can drag them where ever in the house he goes. Importantly, he plays with them a long time and all his games and activities with them are spontaneous, instant, no-prep and mess-free.

Toddler Activities at Home with Balls
Balls in a Laundry Basket for Easy Transportation by a Toddler

Moreover, I can work for a while and be quite worry-free, because the balls are safe to play with. Finally, no matter whether he drags them, picking them up is easy and fast.


What you need are:

  1. A bag of plastic balls
  2. Light laundry basket
  3. Few plastic, metal or wooden bowls
  4. Soup Ladle or big spoon
  5. Drying rack
  6. Spin Mop with a bucket

Without a doubt, all these have one good thing in common: all materials for the activity are already present in almost every household.

Our Top 5 No-Prep, Easy Ball Toddler Activities at Home

And here we go, our 5 easy ball activities for toddlers at home:

  1. Balls on a Drying Rack
  2. Balls Soup
  3. Colors, Letters & Shapes Sorting with Balls
  4. Dumping and Filling with Balls
  5. Balls in a Spin Mop Bucket.

If you are interested, why balls are so wonderful for toddlers development, you can read more here.

1. Balls on a Drying Rack

This is a simple, fun, no-prep toddler activity, that your toddler can do anytime. With a toddler at home, our dryer works 3 times a day, but there is sometimes so much laundry, that we need also the drying rack. Great for Aiden! He drags his ball basket over and his next gross motor activities start. Additionally, he repeats colors and counts. The best thing about this activity – it is spontaneous, engaging, fun and safe.

2. Ball Soup

Get the soup ladle or a big spoon here, and let’s start cooking our ball soup. It’s colorful, fun and obviously very tasty. The main thing – it keeps your toddler busy and happy.

3. Colors, Letters & Shapes Sorting with Balls

Easy and fun, this toddler activity can be done anytime at home and it is quite engaging. We use letter blocks, so Aiden can also repeat the letter he has learnt. But you can use basically anything to sort – blocks, colorful objects, shapes, numbers.

4. Dumping and Filling with Balls

A classic and one of the favorite toddler activities at home for many kids. Filling & Dumping. Simple & so fascinating. Just can’t get enough.

5. Balls in a Spin Mop Bucket

Yeah. He figured it out – the spin mop comes with a bucket. Apart from this, what’s more, engaging and fascinating – you can start it’s spinning action without the mop head! Moreover, what’s even more fun, use your balls to fill the bucket and let them spin. And that’s so great that you can do it all day long and even add some water to the fun.

6. Building Words with Balls

And when your 2-year-old grows up and is now your 3-year-old, try out some preschool learning activities at home!

It’s super easy and fun to build words with balls! Try with short 3 Letter words!

Check out more learning activities with balls or preschool learning activities here.

Happy Playing!

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