What do good parents do differently? These 5 easy, simple habits of good parents are key to great parenting. These habits will make you feel good and relaxed as a parent, which is one of the most important things for the wellbeing of your child. Build a positive relationship with your toddler every day with these parenting tips.

How to be a good parent?

Being a good parent is one of the hardest thing in the world, going beyond the hard basics to keep your child alive and healthy. No matter what you do, what advise you follow, you will always make mistakes. That’s life and we are all humans. Life grows complex, stress is ever present, things we never expected happen and happiness seems to grow more elusive. At some point we all will face setbacks in life and one of the most important thing is how we choose to deal with them. This is in our control and we need to keep it always in mind. We should not worry about our children not listening to us, but worry that they are watching us all the time.

We simply don’t know what the future holds and it’s impossible to anticipate. Our children will experience things that our generation had not experienced as we did. We prepare children for a life about whose course we know nothing is a great quote by the French paediatrician and psychoanalyst Francoise Dolto. Therefore, the best we can do is to allow our children to explore their potential, talent and inclinations.

Being a good parent is about being a great role model for a happy and resilient human being, always ready to give advice instead of an order.

So, here is how you can build a strong bond with your child. Good parents who have a strong relationship with their children follow certain things in their daily routine.

1. Good parents Laugh every day

No matter what happens, a great parent never forgets to laugh. The only good way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. Everything else is a wasted of your time and the person you are. Accepting reality for what it is, accept your emotions, events and circumstances, no matter how hard it is. Your child needs your optimism, your smile and laugh. So, always look for parts of the situation you can change or can control, and then take steps to improve them.

2. Love and show love and affection

Love is pretty simple thing and it’s vital to express it every day.

Great parents accept and love your child for who they are.

They support them to explore their potential, talent and inclinations instead of fulfilling their expectations.

3. Good Parents Cultivate purpose and use their talents

Great parents have a purpose in life. They concentrate on the things in their life that are meaningful and truly exciting to them. They share them with their children. It can be your hobby, your business, activities, new challenges. Foster and practice curiosity with your child. It’s so easy to get them excited. Be interested and open to new ideas and learning.

4. Actively Listen to your child and Understand

Great parents respect their children. Try to pay full attention to them when they talk to you. Fully concentrate, understand, respond and then remember what is being said. Remember, when you were a child yourself. Children are not little human being, they are human beings. And we all need to feel respected, heard and understood.

5. Acknowledge mistakes quickly

Great parents are always aware of their strengths and use those to help solve their problem. They acknowledge their mistakes quickly instead of blaming others or the circumstances. This makes life a lot easier. They embrace change and use opportunities to grow and to make new experiences.

Be great whenever you can!

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