These 9 easy and fun physical indoor activities for energetic toddlers are great to burn energy at home anytime! Winter, rainy days, spring, summer, fall! Your 2-year-old and 3-year-old will love these low prep and fun activities you can set up in just a minute! You can try them out as early as 18 months.

180 minutes are in fact the minimum your toddler should be active a day. That includes light but also moderate and vigorous activities according to the WHO Guidelines on physical activityfor children under 5 years of age.

indoor toddler Activities at home

Simple and easy to set up, these indoor activities for toddlers and kids can be part of any indoor daily toddler routine. Additionally, all these activities are not only fun, but also promote spatial awareness in toddlers.

If you are stuck inside and wondering how to help your little one burn off some energy, try them out. Set them up in no time and create your own indoor playground from scratch at home! No need to buy toys and clutter your home! Use your furniture, things you have at home and your imagination. Let your little one have fun and practice as much as they can their gross motor skills with these simple exercises.

Make the experience even better with music and our12 best action songs. They are a must for all energetic and active toddlers, preschoolers and kids out there.

Indoor life is not easy, but stay strong! Open the windows and work out!


1. Crawling through tunnels

Even though we are out of the crawling phase, crawling through tunnels is still so much fun. What to do, when you don’t have a tunnel at home? Build one! For example with a baby mattress or a box. Add some ball pit balls and your indoor playground is set up! Here is a short video, how did it work in our case.

2. Over, Under, In and Out Laundry Basket

A simple FYLLEN IKEA laundry basket can be so useful. Not only to practice gross motor skills, but also to understand the true meaning of over, under, in and out :).

So much fun not only for boys.

3. Balancing on a Metal Bowl

Use your salad bowl for a balancing exercise? Sure, anytime!

4. Simple Obstacle Course Activities for Energetic Toddlers

Set a simple obstacle course with things you have at home – step chairs, boxes, egg packaging, empty paper towel rolls, empty tissue boxes, toys. Here is an example:

5. Measuring distances

Measure with everything you have – steps, fingers, hands. In order to make sure that you did the right measurement, use a measure tape! Run and roll it out and then roll it in and run again!

9 indoor physical activities for energetic kids and toddlers

6. Jumping In Muddy Puddles

Jumping in Muddy Puddles is a great action song and a great way to help your toddler and kid to burn a good amount of energy at home.

7. Yoga & Pilates

No matter whether mornings, noons or evenings, try to involve your little one in a healthy daily routine. He joins me anytime I try to work out at home. Then it becomes less of a workout, but it’s so much fun.

8. Catch the ball or balloon

Grab a soft ball and pass it back and forth to your toddler. That’s fun and helps your little one practice not only their gross motor and fine motor skills, but also hand-eye coordination.

Make it more fun and use some balloons. We put on our air purifier on the highest setting and there is nothing that can stop the fun.

9. Sniff like a puppy

Believe it or not, but sniffing like a puppy is a great yoga inspired activity, that helps strengthen back and arm muscles. Use some tape rolls in different colors and make the puppy sniff them and tell how the different colors smell to them.

indoor activities for kids and toddlers

Happy Playing!

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