Easy Art Activities for Toddlers with an Exhibition at Home

How about doing some art activities for toddlers and organize an exhibition at home? It sounds like fun, right? Without a doubt, it is a great one too.

First, let me start with one of my favorite quotes by Pablo Picasso. Indeed, he said that every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up. Well, I think as a parent, you need to let your child discover the joy of creating. Clearly, it will get messy. Nonetheless, you can always ask and induce your child to help you clean up after they had fun. That’s also how our exhibitions at home started.


Clearly, for this type of art activities for toddlers, you need three things:

  1. The paintings of your little artist
  2. A drying rack
  3. Clothespins
Art for toddlers activities at home exhibition

Our Art Activities for Toddlers at Home

Like every toddler, our son loves to paint, to draw, and to scribble. Ever since, he could hold chalk, a pen, a pencil, a crayon, or a brush he scribbled. First, he started making lines with chalk on a DIY chalkboard. Subsequently, when he was about 14 months, I started buying him different art materials for these toddler activities. Above all, I chose quality materials like gel crayons, aquarelle, safe fingerpaint, scetch blocks, and canvas. As you can imagine, soon he covered most of our white walls with scribbles. Along with the walls, he gave an art touch also to white chairs, white couch, windows, white tables, white wardrobes and almost anything at home you can imagine.

Yep, my husband was right. Unquestionably, white is not the color for furniture and carpets when you have a kid. However, I still like it better even with the art touch than dark-colored home.

Art for toddler activities exhibition at home

In order to keep the mess limited and the art activities at home with our toddler unlimited, we just paint on the floor. That’s easy, fun and can be cleaned in 2 minutes. After Aiden has finished painting, we organize an immediate exhibition with his artwork on our drying rack. He puts his painting on the drying rack with clothespins. And that’s it. In addition to this, to make it more official, we offer some refreshing drinks and some finger food to celebrate our art exhibition.

Benefits of this art toddler activity

Above all, art activities for toddlers are a great way to

  1. Increase the confidence of your young artist
  2. Develop fine motor skills (painting, drawing, using clothespins)
  3. Improve hand-eye coordination
  4. Establish concentration
  5. Enjoy social events early on
  6. Appreciate art from early on.

Happy Playing! For more art activities for kids, click here.

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