Baby Activity with Montessori Inspired Baby Flash Cards

Wondering what baby activity can you do with your newborn or 1-month old baby? It seems that babies cannot do that much, right? Eating, sleeping, crying, some funny faces and some uncoordinated movements. Also, they have ability to see, but they still haven’t yet developed the ability to focus their eyes. Moreover, they are not yet capable of accurately move them, or even use them together as a pair. In fact, babies are born near-sighted and can’t focus on distant objects at all. However, it’s important to know, that newborns can detect light and dark.

baby activity baby flashcards black and white

So, let’s show them some simple black and white pictures. And here are the good news! No need to buy neither books nor flashcards for your newborn. Just try out these simple and easy to print out Montessori inspired Baby Flash Cards. They are great for babies as young as one month of age.


Download here your free printables Montessori black and white flashcards.

Then, just print them out on a normal paper. If you want to reuse them, you can print them out on a cardboard paper. And that’s it!

Baby Activity with Montessori Inspired Baby Flashcards

Take 5 cards and your baby on your lap. Make sure that your baby is neither tired nor hungry and smile to them. Then show them the images from a near distance (around 12 inches) from their face. Smile again to them and say very slowly and very clearly the name of each image.

Leave them enough time to behold and examine the picture. They might find it quite interesting and enjoy it for few minutes! That’s the highest baby attention span.

However, if your baby does not want to play the game, complains, or looks bored, interrupt the activity. Try it out another time.

Optionally, you can place the pictures close to their sight during tummy time.

Happy Playing!

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