You can use this super simple editable baby schedule template to set your routine with your little one from newborn to 6 months old.

Baby Schedule 0-6 months

Becoming a mom, was the best and one of the most overwhelming experience in my life. I literally was taken over physically and mentally to take care of my little baby and I did not really where to start. I really think that no matter what you do, you cannot really be prepared for motherhood.

It was a new life, a new beginning, a new period, where I felt like going under and losing my old self. Well, probably not everyone feels the same, but for those who feel or felt like me, try to establish from the beginning a routine that works for you and your baby. And accept that nothing will be the same again. It can only get better once you figured out how!

I noticed that things did not feel so overwhelming when I broke them down into small, easy-to-accomplish steps. Follow your baby’s natural rhythm, you would be surprised how exact it is.


Use our editable baby schedule to set up a working routine for you and your baby.

Baby Schedule 0-6 months
Baby Schedule 0-6 months

If you need some inspiration for baby activities, check out these free Montessori inspired flash cards printable and some of our baby activities 0-3 months.

NON-editable Baby Schedule 0-6 Months

If our non-editable baby schedule works also for you, you can download our free printable here.


Be good and kind to yourself and rest, you need it and your baby allows you to.

One thing I would have differently now would be to nap more. 2-3 hours sleep are just not enough, even if sometimes feels like that. So, when your baby goes to sleep, do it too. Everything else (mostly chores) can wait.

Basically, our 0-3 months routine included get to know each other, feeding, napping, changing diapers, and long hours with the milk pump for me (breastfeeding did not work well for us despite experts tips and trainings).

With 3-6 months, things get easier and funnier, when your baby starts to laugh out loud and is much more playful and responsive. There are more activities you can do with your baby and you will start feeling more comfortable as a new mom. Although, I started to worry more than ever about things I never though I will – poop frequency, poop colour, did I pump enough milk, did my baby eat enough, do I do the things right, how will I get back to work??? Well, turns out, I did not need to worry, only to do the right things. So, trust yourself and plan everything step by step. Call your paediatrician whenever you worry about something.

Happy Planning!