Balls on a drying rack is one of our favourite indoor toddler activities. Therefore, we decided to have a separate post about it. Aiden, our 2-year-old created it at the time we were living in Germany.

Back then, we had many rainy days in Northern Germany and tons of laundry in an apartment with single washer-dryer. So, our toddler activities had to be mostly indoor at home. Also, from time to time we needed to take out a drying rack. Great for him. He had a huge IKEA laundry basket full with ball pit balls.

And basically, he did almost everything with them and the drying rack that you can imaging.

We had the drying rack on the floor in a closed position, or the drying rack up in an open position. Aiden would use it as a railing or create small boxes with it. He would use all of balls or just few of them.

The list of the things he did is pretty long and this activity was and still is so engaging for him.

Generally, a 2-year-old should have an attention span of around 6 minutes. I don’t know why he finds this activity so fascinating, but he would spend almost an hour doing it. Concentrated, with precision, with his own rules. That’s just great for me. The activity is pretty safe and I can work undisturbed while he is busy with it. We bought also the simplest IKEA drying rack especially for this activity. It’s super light and easy to put up even for him, so he can do his thing when he wants.

Balls on a drying Rack keeps your toddler busy

If you are looking for ways to keep your toddler productively busy, give it a try. With this activity, your little one can practice and develop not only their gross motor, but also their fine motor skills. Furthermore, they can learn and practice to count, learn colours or just experiment and see how gravity works.

Balls on a drying rack

Happy Playing!

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