Who thought that your toddler’s favourite car can fit in a bottle and this would be a fun fine motor activity? Few months ago, we created the ball in a bottle activity. Our little one loved it, so I decided to try out similar fine motor activity at home, this time with something more exciting. His favourite car!

Car in a Bottle Fun Fine Motor Activity

This activity can help your toddler not only to develop their whole arm but also their hand muscles. Furthermore, it helps your toddler to improve eye-hand coordination, develop pincer grip and strengthen dexterity.

Materials and Tools

In a strong contrast to a ship in a bottle, our car in a bottle is super simple to make. It requires only few materials and tools.

  1. A transparent plastic bottle with cap.
  2. One toy car.
  3. Cutter knife


It’s easy as it sounds – cut carefully a long line on the plastic bottle, so that you can put the toy car inside. And that’s it. Time to play with your little one!

Car in a Bottle – Fun Fine Motor Activity

I must say, that Aiden was at first super excited to see his car inside of the bottle. He tried various ways to get it out there. At the end however, he got somehow angry, because he could not figure out how to get it out.

I guess, the activity is a little bit too hard to be figured out by a toddler. I showed him finally, how I put the car inside of the bottle and he was happy. And that’s what’s count, right?

Alternatively, you can place a Hot Wheels car, that fits through the opening of the bottle. Your toddler can practice opening and closing bottles, which is on itself a great fine motor activity.

Happy Playing!

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