Chase that egg – self-feeding toddler activity at breakfast

Looking for a fun, easy and low-prep toddler activity that your little one can do while having breakfast? Great! Try out our “Chase that egg” today! It will not only keep your toddler busy but also promotes self-feeding and make them eat what they are chasing. This activity is great not only for toddlers but also for babies who can already sit in a feeding chair.

It’s certainly easy to guess, that you will need some eggs. To be more exact, you will need few peeled hard boiled eggs in a small bowl. Furthermore, you need a set of toddler or baby cutlery. It’s important, that you always set the dishes and utensils out in the same way to develop a routine and help your child locate items at each meal.

Voila! The chase of the egg can surely begin!

So, place the bowl in front of your little one and let them chose which toddler cutlery they want to use to catch the egg. If you are doing this activity with your baby, offer them one piece of cutlery, for example a spoon. Toddlers can try not only to spoon the egg, but also to stab it, or to cut it. But even if they want just catch it with their hands, that’s completely fine and serves the purpose of this toddler activity.

The main purpose of this toddler activity is to use the hand’s muscles, to improve hand-eye coordination and promote self-feeding skills.

Benefits of this toddler activity at breakfast

With this activity, you can encourage a good cutlery grasp right from the start. Further more, it helps to

  1. Practice fine motor skills
  2. Improve hand-eye coordination
  3. Develop food awareness
  4. Regulate food intake
  5. Practice oral-motor skills
  6. Developing independence
  7. Practice using cutlery
  8. Develop self-feeding skills

If you need tips how to teach your child to use cutlery, check out this very useful guide.

Happy Playing!

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