Concentration Activities For Kids

Concentration activities for kids are great for improving your child’s focus and their attention span. Today, we share the best engaging activities that helped us improve the concentration of our 5-year-old.

How to train your child to focus?

We all know that to focus is an important skill that can be developed over time with patience and practice. Surely, some of us need much more patience and practice than others. What we all have in common is that we need a supportive environment and a better self-control. That’s how you can help train your child to develop strong focus and concentration skills that will benefit them throughout their lives – by providing a supportive environment.

How to train your child to focus?

Daily Routine Concentration Activities for Kids

In a first step it’s important to set up consistent daily routine that provides structure your child can follow easily. Prevent overwhelm. Allow your child to focus on one step at a time.

Distration-free Environment

Create a distraction-free environment at home. Minimize noise, clutter, and electronic devices during focused activities. It’s important that your child has a quiet, organized space for homework, reading, or other tasks that require concentration. It’s important to start early with a well organized toddler playroom.

Use Timers

Use visual cues or timers to help your child understand the concept of time and that they need to stay on task within a time limit. Visual timers such as sand clock can provide a visual representation of how much time is remaining for an activity. We use at home for example a sand clock for tooth brushing, writing practice, cooking etc.

Breaks and Movement

Allow your child to take short breaks and incorporate movement into their daily routine. Gross motor activities are essential for the brain and concentration development.

Set Realistic Expectations

Set realistic expectations for your child’s attention span based on their age, developmental stage, and individual needs. You cannot expect them to be adults. Be patient and supportive as they build their focus and concentration skills over time.

How to train your child to focus?

Lead by Example

Show your child the importance of staying focused and engaged, whether you’re reading, working, or completing household tasks.

Praise Efforts

Praise and encourage your child’s efforts to stay focused, even if they only manage to concentrate for a short period.

Choose Engaging Activities – Simple concentration activities for kids

Last, but not least, choose engaging and age-appropriate activities that capture your child’s interest and encourage active participation. Tailor activities to their preferences and strengths. Here is our list of the Best Simple Concentration Activities for Kids.


Teach your child to listen to and engage them with stories. Whether you are reading aloud to them or you are encouraging them to retell a story they’ve heard, storytelling is a great way to help your child to practice sustained attention and comprehension.

How to train your child to focus?


Jigsaw puzzles, matching games, and shape-sorting toys are excellent for promoting concentration, problem-solving, and spatial awareness.

Domino building – Simple Concentration Activities for Kids

Building a domino structure requires careful attention to detail and concentration. Children need to focus on placing each domino piece in the right position to ensure the structure remains stable and can be toppled successfully.

Building Blocks

Let your child explore building blocks and construction sets. Whether building towers, bridges, or imaginative structures, playing with blocks requires focus and attention to detail.

Memory Games

Play memory games like “Simon Says,” “I Spy,” or memory card matching games. These games challenge children to pay attention, remember instructions or visual cues, and recall information.

Nature Walks

Take your child on nature walks and encourage them to observe their surroundings closely. Point out different plants, animals, and natural features, and ask them questions to encourage observation and focus.

Board Games

Play board games that require turn-taking, strategy, and attention to rules. Those are enjoyable ways to develop concentration skills.

Cooking or Baking

Involve your child in simple cooking or baking activities. Following recipes, measuring ingredients, and following steps in a sequence require concentration and attention to detail.

Play a Musical Instrument or Dance Classes

Engaging in activities like playing a musical instrument or participating in dance classes can significantly enhance concentration levels, especially for children who have a passion for music and dancing.

Play Sports

One of the best ways to improve concentration is to find the sport that your child loves to play. Whether is basketball, soccer, tennis, climbing, karate whatever it is, this is one of the best ways to improve concentration.

    Let’s sum up: It’s important for us parents to create a supportive environment and incorporate engaging (for your child) concentration activities into your child’s routine. In just few weeks, you will start noticing that their concentration and problem-solving skills improve.

    Don’t give up and praise them for their efforts.

    Happy parenting!