This creative water crafts sensory bin is a great toddler activity in the summer. Super easy to set up, it encourages not only the development of motor skills of your little one, but also creative thinking and problem solving.

Water crafts sensory bin

Sensory activities, are not only fun and interesting for toddlers but also encourage them to explore and investigate. This activity is great for your toddler to make observing, to create, to experiment and make conclusions.

Your little one can create different shapes and figures with all kinds of different items you have around the house. Everything that floats and it’s safe for toddlers is allowed! Here is our example for a super easy creative water crafts sensory bin.


  1. IKEA bin
  2. Food storage containers
  3. Different items that float in the water such foam toe separators, googly eyes, bathing toys, bottle caps, plastic shapes, other plastic toys.
  4. Water.

Instructions water crafts sensory bin

Put two food storage containers into the IKEA bin – for example a circle and a square shaped to set up your water canvas.

Then put the chosen items for example colourful bottle caps, googly eyes, toe separators next to the IKEA bin.

That’s it! Let your little one explore and create their own water images and set ups. They can create for example a water monster, ice creams, muffins, landscapes, faces…Whatever they think of!

This simple sensory bin is super engaging and great fun for hot days. You can do it indoor and outdoor and enjoy splashing some water on a hot summer day.

It so much fun for the little ones to create a fun water monster who wants to eat everything!

Here is a short video of some fun ideas:

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Happy Playing!