Last day of the year and the best time to think about to declutter and organize your home! Indeed, it’s not an easy task to start a new year with new beginnings and the best resolutions if your home is a mess and you just live with the chaos. Especially, if have your little kids at home who make everything possible the mess to remain a mess.

With my boys at home, although they help out every day, often cleaning up feels like punishment of repeating it for eternity. So, instead of feeling like Sisyphus, it’s the best time of the year to part with some stuff and things that you neither need nor use.

No more excuses. We seize the opportunity, that January gives us and start this super easy and simple home decluttering challenge for the next 30 days.


When is the best time to declutter?

If you cannot do it daily, for an 1/2 hour, do it 3x during the week or 1x on the weekends. You will need around 3 hours every week.

Where to start?

Start with the room that bothers you the most. In other words, start with the first room you want to change. It might be your kitchen, or your living room, or your kids playroom.

What do you need to declutter?

Nothing more than decisiveness to part and pack and few big garbage bags. Don’t think it. Just do it.

However, when you fill the bags, don’t hoard them in your basement or garage with the intention to sell, donate or throw it away. If you cannot sell or donate the stuff, just throw it right away.

What to part with?

You know your home best! Use this checklist room by room, if you need some ideas what to part with.

declutter your home

We hope that after these 30 days, you and your family will feel much more happier in your home.

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Happy decluttering!

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