Wondering how to make the most simple DIY abacus for toddlers? Probably not. However, I will share it anyway if you need one in less than a minute.

Why Your Toddler Needs an Abacus

But first things first. Wondering, why your child needs an abacus? Here are 4 good reasons shared by Math Genie math teachers:

The abacus

  1. makes math make sense.
  2. gives children the confidence to math
  3. reduces strain on short term memory
  4. is the key to mathematic success.

Accordingly, an abacus is a must-have for a toddler.

To convince you further of the great benefits of an abacus, I will quote here Jan Koum, the computer programmer, who founded WhatsApp:

I didn’t have a computer until I was 19 – but I did have an abacus.

Jan Koum, Founder WhatsApp

So, now, finally, I think that you are going to be excited about it.

How to make the most simple DIY abacus for toddlers

In short, the only 3 materials you need are:

  1. 10 wooden, good quality clothespins
  2. Drying rack
  3. 10 Pencils in different colors
DIY Abacus for toddlers

It will be surely best if you make the DIY abacus together with your toddler.

First, chose a pencil and take the first clothespin. Then, write the number one and make a clear dot above it. Repeat the same until you have all 10 clothespins with 10 numbers in different colors.

Finally, put them on a drying rack or a self-made frame. Here I show only 10, but you can do all 100 if you want.

We usually, use the clothespin abacus in combination with balls to learn to count and calculate.

And here is how it looks like at the end.

In conclusion, an abacus is a great tool to help your child develop early math skills. It’s easy to make a super fun to play and learn with. Moreover, you never can have enough abacuses at home. Happy Playing!

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