DIY Car Play Mats for Toddlers

DIY car play mats for toddlers are a great way to learn numbers and shapes when you play.

It’s super easy to do them, you can do your first play mat in less than 3 minutes. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, made from used materials and cost almost nothing. Additionally, you can always change the way they are designed since we use reusable chalkboard stickers and chalk to make them.

Here is a short video, how the end result could look like, that you can check out:

DIY Car Play Mats Short Video

Materials for DIY Car Play Mats

What’s the big secret about creating them? You need:

Materials for DIY Toy Car Play Mats
Materials for DIY Toy Car Play Mats
  1. Cardboard paper in big size. I used here used cardboard paper from the back of a sketchbook and a sketchpad. Then I just taped them together to make a bigger surface.
  2. Chalkboard Sticker, i.e. adhesive blackboard sticker. Make sure the materials are reusable and washable.
  3. Scissors.
Chalkboard Sticker
Chalkboard Sticker

DIY Instructions

As already said, making these play mats is very easy and fast. So fast that it goes in 2 Steps and takes 3 minutes:

Step 1: Take the cardboard paper and stick the already cut chalkboard sticker to its surface. Make sure that you roll it out evenly and slowly, so you don’t have any bubbles on your DIY car play mat.

Step 2: Take a piece of chalk and just draw the road, shapes, numbers, or toy car parking desired. Or, just let your toddler make the lines or circles.

DIY Toy Car Play Mat
DIY Toy Car Play Mat

There it is – reusable, recycled, environmentally-friendly DIY Car Play Mat for different fun toy car activities.

How we use them

You can use them in different ways. We have used them so far to learn colors, to learn numbers and shapes with toy cars.

The playmat is basically a light blackboard made from cardboard paper, so it depends on your little one, how they want to use them.

The best part is that you can easily clean them.

However, depending on the quality of the chalkboard sticker, and on how many times a day you or your little one “remodel” the playmat, white chalk traces might become visible after a while.

Nevertheless, Happy Playing! It is so much fun to remodel them! Stay creative!

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