How do you teach the alphabet to toddlers and preschoolers in a fun way? Try out today this alphabet activity sensory bin and make learning at home easy and fun. This hands-on learning activity is great for toddlers and preschoolers, to learn and repeat the alphabet and their sounds.

Super easy to set up, this learning activity is engaging for little learners. The great benefit of this activity is that it provides a multi-sensory learning experience – visual, audio and kinaesthetic.

In this way, this fun alphabet sensory bin helps your toddler and preschooler to develop their alphabet recognition skills. It’s a great activity to repeat daily and sing along the alphabet song.

As a result, soon your toddler will be able to name each letter and match that letter name with its written form. You should do the activity with both upper and lower case.

Easy Alphabet Activity

Before doing this activity, introduce first the letters to your little one. We started for example with reading books together and alphabet puzzles.

First, teach them that letters represent speech sounds. For example, this is the letter S, it makes the Sss- sound.

Then, show to your toddler that letters go together and make words. Also, that changing the letters changes the sounds, the words and the meaning.

Materials Easy Alphabet Activity

You can set up this activity in just a minute and here is what you need:

  1. Upper and lower case letters. We use for example the wooden puzzle letters from our alphabet puzzle, but you can create your own ones with sand paper for example.
  2. Flour. We use flour, but you can use pasta, oats or sand as you like.
  3. A bin. We use our IKEA bins.
  4. A spade. Our little one still calls it a scooper.

That’s it!


Put all materials into the bin and let your toddler have fun digging into the flour and discovering the letters.

Ask them, which letter they have found and ask them to write the letter into the flour with their fingers.

You can also ask them to math upper and lower case letters. Or to build simple words, if they can.

That’s it! It can get a bit messy, but when learning is fun and hands-on, your little one will remember it for sure!

Here is a short video of one of our activities.

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Happy Playing!