Looking for some easy and cool ideas for Father’s Day for toddlers and kids? Try out this super easy and adorable Big Hug Father’s Day card!

This is a great card, to show your Dad how much you love them. It’s especially great, if you spend much time apart from them.

Father's Day Card

Due the current situation, we are currently apart from our daddy, who works in the US and we are in Europe. We miss him very much. Aiden grows and daddy is not here to see it every day. So, we measured Aiden’s hugs and sent them to our daddy with all the love we can.

So, if you are in the similar situation, measure your hugs and mail them! But even if you are together at home, you can measure your hugs every year and see how much they grow!


  1. Two hand prints
  2. String
  3. Free printable card
  4. Image of your face.


Make and cut out two hand prints. Make two small holes in the wrists of the cutouts.

Measure your hug with a string and cut it.

Print out the our free printable Father’s Day Card or make your own. Print out a image of your face and glue it to the card.

Make two holes into the sleeves of the t-shirt. Put the string through the wholes and tie the hand cutouts.

It’s ready to hug!

If you are puzzled by us choosing pink colour for a hug to a dad, let us reassure you pink was not always girly. It was actually considered as a masculine colour. So, go ahead and send your dad a pink hug!

Free Printable Father’s Day Card

You can download our free printable Father’s Day Card and send your big hug to your dad!

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