We love this easy DIY baby shark sensory bag! Got some white beans? You can prepare a delicious bean soup and then take out a few and do some pretty cool things for your little one! Beans are great for all kinds of fine motor and sensory activities.


Sharks are interesting creatures and they have no bones! Did you know that scientists hypothesize sharks first appeared in the ocean around 455 million years ago? Pretty long ago, right? Share some fun facts with your little one about sharks while doing these easy shark crafts for kids!

Baby shark sensory bag MATERIALS

Creating these baby sharks is easy and fun!

What you need is:

  1. Few dry white beans
  2. Light blue nail polish
  3. Permanent Marker – black.


Disposable gloves. I use for example simple latex gloves.


  1. Put the gloves on and place the beans on a sheet of paper or paper towel in front of you.
  2. Paint the one side of a bean with the nail polish and wait until dry.
  3. Afterwards, draw eyes, teeth and tail.
  4. That’s it! Your baby sharks are ready to go!

Easy DIY Baby Sharks Sensory Bag

Sensory Bag

In a first place these baby sharks are great for any fine motor activity and sensory play. Your little one can play with them indoors as well outdoors.

They are also so versatile! You can for example put them in a simple water sensory bag and practice counting and simple math. Here is an example:

When your toddler finished the activity, just pour out the water and dry out the beans, so you can reuse the bag and the beans for further activities again. Dry beans increase their volume when they are soaked in a water, so try not to leave them for hours in the sensory bag, if you want to reuse them.

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Happy Playing!

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