We love these easy DIY ladybug crafts for kids! They are just great for spring toddler activities!

diy ladybug CRAFTS for kids

If your toddler is like ours, you might have noticed your little one loves to play with bugs outdoors. It’s so exiting to experience the world around them. Sometimes, however, the bugs do not necessarily want to play with kids. So, instead of bothering or even harming the poor insects, you can create these beautiful DIY creatures. Your little one will surely love to play with them anywhere!

But even if your little one is scared of bugs, these DIY ladybugs are a smart way to help them to overcome their fear and play more outdoors.

You can invite your little one to help create with you! It’s getting messy, when the little ones are involved. That’s true. But hey! It’s so much fun for them.

DIY ladybug crafts for kids

Creating these ladybugs is easy and fun!


  1. Few dry white beans
  2. Red nail polish
  3. Permanent Marker


Disposable gloves. I use simple latex gloves.


  1. Put the gloves on and place the beans on a sheet of paper or paper towel in front of you.
  2. Color the one side with the red nail polish and wait until dry.
  3. Draw eyes, few dots and wings with a black permanent marker.
  4. That’s it! Your ladybug is ready to fly and play.

DIY ladybugs

In a first place these ladybugs are great for any fine motor activity and sensory play. Your little one can play with them indoors as well outdoors.

They are also so versatile! You can for example put them in a sensory bag and practice counting and simple math. For more ideas check out these fine motor activities and sensory play with DIY ladybugs.

Free Printable

You can download a free printable sensory bag baground here.

Happy Playing!

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