Check out this easy educational fine motor activity with bottle caps, that you can set up in no time! Inspired by a concentration exercise of Ginas Bunter Kinderblog on Pinterest, our was slightly moderated by our almost 3 year old.

This easy educational fine motor activity is great to improve concentration and can be repeated daily.

Easy educational fine motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers

It is also a great activity to encourage independent play and to combine with learning activities, for example with counting, number representation, measurement and comparison.


This activity can be set up in less than a minute. All you need are two things:

1. DIY Chalkboard Table or just an activity table with a something to draw on and

2. Few bottle caps in different sizes.


Draw few lines with a chalk on your chalkboard table or on a piece of paper on your child’s activity table.

Indicate the starting point for the activity, so your little one can easily recognise it. You can also indicate few starting points.

Ask your toddler to move the bottle caps along the lines. Usually, an older toddler will follow the instructions. A younger one will try. And that’s totally fine.

You can also explain to them in advance how the fine motor activity is intended to work. If they want to find new ways that are more engaging for them, let them do their thing, as long as they follow a pattern and are engaged in the activity. The best thing that we can do for our little ones is to teach them to find solutions on their own.

Aiden for example, was not interested to slide the bottle caps along the lines. However, he followed the lines and did some counting with his toy cars. Usually, we use the table as DIY Car Play Mat, so he associates it with cars.

Variation of this fine motor activity – stacking bottle caps

What our almost 3-year-old found much more engaging than following the lines, was counting, measuring, and stacking the bottle caps.

Easy Educational Fine Motor Activity worth to try at home

Even though, this activity is super easy to set up, it is a great activity to encourage independent play and also to let your little one figure out the concept of size – bigger and smaller.

It helps them also to successfully develop estimation skills, practice counting and fine motor skills.

Happy Playing!

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