Try out today this monster teeth super easy fine motor activity to learn shapes and emotions! Set it up in just a minute, using our DIY Chalkboard table!

This idea is great for indoor and outdoor educational activities. Try it out in spring and summer, fall and winter!

Easy Fine Motor Activity

It’s a perfect way to help your toddler and preschooler to develop and practice their fine motor skills.

Here is what you need and how to set up this fun and easy fine motor activity with horrific monster teeth.

Easy Fine Motor Activity Materials

Super easy to set up, you will need few things that you probably have already at home.

  1. Pedicure Foam Toe Separators in different colours.
  2. Either an activity table with a chalkboard or just a plain piece of paper where you can draw.
  3. Chalks or markers in different colours.


If you do the activity with a young toddler, draw four shapes on your activity table and add eyes and hair.

It’s good to start with the most simple shapes such as circle, triangle, oval and square. Put the pedicure foam separators as their mouths. Ask your little one to show you where is the oval, circle, triangle and square. Ask them to make the cirle smile, open their mouth, to make a sad face, to make a happy face or surprised face. Repeat with every shape.

If your toddler is older and can draw already few shapes on their own, ask them to draw a circle, square, oval and triangle. Ask them to draw eyes and hear to every shape monster. Place the monster teeth and let them tell you, how every shape monster feels.

Once you are done with the shapes, you can just let them open and shut the teeth and mix up the colours, so they can practice colour sorting as well.

Happy Playing!