Easy Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

Thank you, Pinterest for giving us some inspiration and great ideas for easy Halloween snacks for toddlers!

Super Easy Halloween Snacks for Toddlers
Super Easy Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

When it comes to toddler meals and generally to cooking, I have only two rules that should be always kept:

  1. KISS (Keep it short & simple)
  2. Make it delicious, so you can eat it.

Good looks in food are nice to have but optional. However, this time, inspired by so much decoration influx from Pinterest, I tried some of the easiest and fun looking Halloween snack ideas. I divided them in two groups – easy and super easy.

Easy Halloween Snacks

1. Mummy Hotdogs

This is the only warm easy Halloween snack on the list. You need pizza dough cut in stripes and few hot dogs. Wrap them as mummies and straight into the oven.

Mummy Hotdogs with a Spider Crab
Mummy Hotdogs with a Spider Crab – Easy Halloween Snacks

Little helpers are always welcome to roll out the dough and create their own spider crab monster.

Without a doubt, there are better-looking versions of those mummies. However, I did not want to use googly eyes, because, with our little one, you can never have enough eyes to look out, what he would do next, to cause me a heart attack…

Therefore, the eyes of ours are made from string cheese with liquorice (YUCKY!). So cannot recommend the liquorice part. Nevertheless, everything can be eaten and you can have one too, without worrying that your toddler will swallow googly eyes or won’t eat a blind mummy.

2. Cheese Monsters

Cheese Monster
Cheese Monster – Easy Halloween Snacks

Indeed, mini Babybel cheeses offer fun options to serve them. What you need are just scissors to cut out the monster mouth. For the eyes, I used small pieces of marshmallows with liquorice, which is for me yucky, but still better than something that’s pure decoration and cannot be eaten.

3. String Cheese Witch Brooms

These pretzels and string cheese broomsticks are easy and fun to make and eat. Just cut a string cheese in 5 equal blocks. Push a pretzel slowly in the one part and pull some cheese strings until it looks like a broom.

String Cheese Witch Broom
String Cheese Witch Broom – Easy Halloween Snacks

4. Bread Monster

Super Easy Halloween Snacks - Bread Monster
Easy Halloween Snacks – Bread Monster

The bread monster is made with fresh crusty french baguette bread and the leftovers from the string cheese. His eyebrows are however from something that I already mentioned as yucky – liquorice. However, Aiden liked it without the liquorice. Some butter, or how Aiden calls it bupper – yummy!

The Super Easy Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

5. Tomato & Raspberry Monsters

Tomato Monster  - easy Halloween Snacks
Tomato Monster – Super Easy Halloween Snacks

Without a doubt, those two were the easiest to make:

  1. A cherry tomato with string cheese eyes and this black funny-smelling thing liquorice.
  2. A hungry monster raspberry with eyes from marshmallow and liquorice.

Happy Halloween playing and snacking!

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