Create your own homeschool curriculum and lesson plan from scratch with our must-have printable Homeschool Planner for example!

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of homeschooling resources available and unsure of where to begin? Look no further – we’ve got you covered!

Introducing our homeschool printable planner, designed to simplify the process of creating a personalized curriculum from scratch using our homeschool planner printables. The planner boasts a user-friendly design that combines practicality with the ability to facilitate comprehensive planning for a successful homeschool preschool year, all tailored to your unique needs and those of your child.

As homeschooling parents, we understand the demands on your time. That’s why our Homeschool Preschool Planner serves as your all-in-one resource, ensuring that every essential aspect of homeschooling is neatly organized in one place. Plan your lessons, define your weekly themes, and set your educational goals. Establish structure for your days, weeks, and months.

Our Must-Have Homeschool Planner isn’t just limited to preschool; it’s suitable for all grade levels, including high school. It simplifies the task of organizing every vital component of homeschooling, leaving no room for omissions or forgetfulness. Take the stress out of homeschool planning and let our planner be your trusted guide.

Homeschool Printables

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Our Homeschool Printables are great for everyone who’s homeschooling! Create your own homeschool schedules using our templates – edit with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or just print out and write down everything you need!

With our homeschool printable planner, it’s so easy to create your own tailor-made curriculum from scratch with our homeschool planner printables! The simple design is practical and at the same time makes thorough planning possible for your successful homeschool preschool year. You can personalize your planner to your and your child needs.

We, homeschooling parents are busy and we have a limited amount of time to spend. Therefore, our Homeschool Preschool Planner helps you capture everything you need to know and do about homeschooling in one place. Plan your lessons, your weekly themes, set your goals! Structure your days, weeks and months!

Our Must-Have Homeschool Planner is suitable for all grade levels through high school. They help you plan thoroughly, so that nothing is missed or forgotten. It’s so simple to organize all important and required areas of homeschooling!

It helps you create your own customised curriculum for your family, so you can follow your own flexible teaching plan. Homeschooling allows freedom! It allows also that your child learns at their own pace. That’s one of the most important reasons to invest your time in creating your own homeschool curriculum! You can tailor to your child, so it fits perfectly!

Therefore, we want to take advantage of homeschooling instead of feeling overwhelmed or scared when we become new homeschooling parents.

How we started with homeschooling

When we decided to start homeschooling, at first, I had no idea where to start. From virtual preschool through apps and videos to full preschool curriculums, there were so many options out there. Some of them free, some of them pretty pricy. We tried virtual homeschool for two weeks, but it did not work well for us. We bought a full curriculum that we couldn’t really use because we did not liked it once we tried to begin using it. Aiden seemed so bored with worksheets, videos and apps, so we needed something exciting that fits us. So, instead of wasting more time and money, we decided to create our own homeschool schedule and step by step to plan everything. I hold a master’s degree in economics and worked in the corporate world before becoming a mom. So, not exactly the classical homeschooling mom background. However, I love reading, I read a lot and I’m pretty good with time management, so challenge accepted! I wanted to see whether homeschooling is an option for me as it seemed pretty time consuming and a little bit intimidating.

Luckily, my parents are both teachers, so they could give me good advice how to structure everything, what to include and where to start. I did not join any homeschool group so-far, but it always a good idea to find someone with valuable experience you can talk to.

For us, it turned out, no need for self-doubt, just plan well in advance and be flexible when teaching.

Using our Homeschool Planner helped me create a complete, detailed, well-planned homeschool preschool curriculum. Homeschooling is about following your child and it’s always a learn-as-you-go process.

Whether you’re homeschooling at any grade level or through high school, our Must-Have Homeschool Planner has you covered. It simplifies the planning process, ensuring that no critical details are overlooked or forgotten. Organize all the vital aspects of homeschooling with ease using our user-friendly planner!

And that’s how our Homeschool Planner works

1. State Homeschool Law

In our case, it’s only a preschool, however it’s well worth it and from 5 years onwards needed to know the homeschool laws in your state.

Check what subjects and qualifications are required.

Outside the US, it’s bit different. Sad, but true. In Germany and most of Europe for example, homeschooling is illegal (with some minor exemptions).

2. Homeschool Styles Quiz

After you informed yourself about the homeschool laws in your state, it’s good to know which homeschool method and style is the best for your family. It’s not obligatory to take a homeschool styles quiz, but it’s quite helpful from the start to identify what homeschool method will work best for your family and your child.

From the traditional very ordered, scheduled day of school-at-home homeschoolers through relaxed, eclectic homeschooling, unschooling, Montessori to Charlotte Mason, everything is possible and great if it fits your family.

3. Choose your Resources

Also, there are so many resources (online and books) that help homeschooling parents. We started with Khan Academy Kids, and my first book about homeschooling was Practical Guide to the Montessori Method at Home by Julia Palmarola for example. Choose the best resources for your family that will help you to make sure that your child will be on the right track for their education.

Save all your valuable ressources in one place, remember your usernames, passwords, books, media, videos.

4. Supply List

You can write down everything you need to organize your homeschool in the homeschool supply list.

5. Plan your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals

Determine what you want to achieve for the coming homeschool year. Every child learns at their own pace, so setting your own homeschool goals is great! You can tailor your curriculum accordingly.


It’s so easy to organize your homeschool day, week, month, and year! Use our dated calendar to keep track of appointments, lessons and themes month by month. Plan the big-picture!

With our Homeschool Planners you can you plan ahead and at the same time look back and see areas of growth.


As busy homeschooling parents, time is a precious commodity. That’s why our Homeschool Preschool Planner consolidates all the essential information and tasks related to homeschooling into one convenient resource. You can effortlessly plan lessons, map out weekly themes, and establish achievable goals. This planner offers the structure you need to organize your days, weeks, and months effectively.

Use the Homeschool schedule templates to plan your homeschool curriculum and lesson plan – on monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Use the templates for weekly themes, monthly, weekly and daily lessons with schedules.

6. Plan your homeschool activities – Activities List and Description

Make homeschool activities list for every subject your teach and use the templates to describe every activity in a nutshell.

Budget your time! Once you have a full list, you can decide and manage how to spend it – which activities are great and most engaging for your child.

Spend the most time on things that are important to your child, so your child enjoys learning and discovers their talents.

7. Plan your Homeschool Daily Schedule

Plan your daily routines easily with our Homeschool daily schedule template and make the most of your day!

8. Visual Schedules Lesson Plan, Chores and Goals for Preschoolers

Homeschool Preschool just got even more exciting! With our Ultimate Homeschool Preschool Planner Printables.

Use the homeschool visual schedules and help them succeed.

9. Circle time Preschool Materials

Our Homeschool Preschool Printable Planners include also over 120 Pages Circle Time Materials:


10. Thank you cards for your little Learner

Use 6 encouraging and thank you cards for your child to show them how proud you are of their hard work!

Easy Homeschool Organization with our Homeschool Printables

We know that not everything deserves to be in our homeschool schedule! We have a limited amount of time to spend. So, we plan what’s important and prioritize!

Have a great homeschooling year with our Homeschool Planners!

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