When one minute is all the time you have to prepare a fun activity for your toddler, try out these easy no mess sensory bags! Beside the fact that those are super easy to prepare, toddlers love to play with them.

So, get inspired and share some of your ideas too!


To create a simple sensory bag is indeed pretty simple. For this purpose, you will need as a basis:

  1. Clear resealable plastic ziploc bag.
  2. Permanent marker.
  3. Duct tape.
  4. Fluid.
  5. Fillers.

About the question what fluid goes in sensory bags, there are some options. You can certainly use liquid soup or hair gel or even gel detergent. I prefer however to use tap water for two good reasons. First and foremost, it’s safer. If the bag gets damaged – it’s just water that comes out. Second and super important, it’s much more environmentally friendly. You can certainly reuse the plastic bag for new sensory bags and do not need to use chemicals such hair gel, detergent or liquid soup. If you need a gel like substance, you can use gelatine.

And fillers. Use your imaginations and experiment. From toe separators though buttons to beans, everything can be in fact a great filler.

How to make sensory bags?

Making a sensory bag it’s surely simpler than you think. First, you use the permanent marker to draw the bag decoration. Second, you add the fillers and the fluid. Third, you seal it and tape it with a duct tape to prevent leakage. Also you can tape it to a table or window. Finally, you present it to your little one and enjoy their excitement and the look on their face when there is something new to explore.

And here are some of our simple and engaging ideas:

Emotional Water Monster

Filler: Pedicure Foam Toe Separator

The emotional monster is a fun pal to play with. You can make him scream, shiver, surpise and even happy. Feed him and brush his teeth. He loves that.

Sensory Bag Water Monster
Sensory Bag Water Monster

Beany Monster

Filler: Few Beans

Indeed, beany loves beans. Therefore, feed him until his belly is full. At the end, he will need surely to go to the potty. Never forget to blow raspberries though. We all know what beans do to us.

The Ducklings of Spring

Filler: Wipe Sponges & Permanent Marker (red & black) to decorate

Sensory Bag Wipe Sponges

Springtime! Indeed, everything blooms. Also, sun is brighter and warmer. And look there! Five little ducklings swim in this super simple sensory bag. To make it more fun, sing along for example

Five little ducks went out one day
Over the hill and far away
Mother duck said, “Quack, quack, quack, quack”…

How long do sensory bags last?

This is something that depends entirely on your toddler. With our toddler, activities with these bags last around 5-10 minutes. When he is done, I pour out the water and we refill, when he plays again.

Happy Playing!

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