To help you plan your toddler routine at home, we prepared a list of 99+ easy, no-prep, daily toddler activities. You can easily combine them and see what works for you and your little one. The great thing about them is that you can set them up in no time and they are pretty engaging for toddlers and preschoolers. Learning can be so much fun, when you change things up!


These easy toddler activities can be a lifesaver for parents and caregivers for several reasons:

Quick Engagement

These easy toddler activities provide us with a quick way to engage our toddlers when our time is limited or when we need a moment to attend to other tasks.

Minimal Preparation

These activities typically require minimal preparation, saving us, parents from the stress of elaborate setups. Quick and easy setups make it convenient for our busy schedules.

Spontaneous Fun

When your toddler needs entertainment, having simple activities on hand ensures that you can create moments of joy without much planning.

Independent Play

Many of these easy toddler activities are designed for independent play. This not only encourages your child’s sense of autonomy but also gives you some moments of respite.


These simple activities are as simple as they get! They often involve only everyday household items, making them cost-effective. You don’t need to invest in expensive toys or materials to keep your toddler entertained. Money does not buy happiness for toddlers, your engagement does!

Learning Opportunities

Despite their simplicity, these easy activities offer valuable learning opportunities for your little one. They help your toddler improve fine motor skills, cognitive development, and sensory exploration playfully and enjoyably.

Stress Relief

Parenting can be demanding, we all know that. Having easy activities on hand provides a stress-relief outlet. It allows us, parents to enjoy quality time with our toddlers without feeling overwhelmed by elaborate planning.


These easy toddler activities are highly adaptable to your toddler’s mood or interests on any given day. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor play, these activities can be easily adjusted to suit the circumstances.

Consistency in Routine

Knowing that there are simple and enjoyable activities available, provides us a sense of comfort for both of us, parents and toddlers.


So, let’s get started with these easy toddler activities!

When we put this toddler activities list together, we took into account, that especially in our early years, we all develop a large web of skills. Specifically, those skills include language skills, physical skills, math skills and social skills. In fact, all of these skills are interdepend and influences each other.

Therefore, these 99+ toddler activities cover all these 4 areas and can be done not only at home and indoors, but also outdoors.

99 toddler activities to help your toddler thrive every day

Daily Toddler Activities – Toddler Routine Printable

Motherhood and parenting in general is sometimes kind of overwhelming, because you have not only the responsibility for yourself but also for your family. At times, it seems that we do not have even resources for ourselves and we are stressed out a lot. Thus, it’s pretty easy to lose sight of the “big picture” and what really matters.

Therefore, we went even one step further and created a simple system to track our toddler’s daily activities and routine. In this way, we can make sure, that we offer our little ones enough diversity, learning and fun everyday. We, parents want them to be happy and thrive everyday.

You can use this Daily Toddler Activities Free Printable with checkmark system, if you want to keep track of the activities your toddler does every day. It can help you for example discover the interests and talents of your toddler. Also, you will be able to see what they love to repeat and which are the areas, you might need to help them to build-out further.

Daily Toddler Activities Free Printable
Daily Toddler Activities Free Printable

Moreover, we included also a sample toddler schedule at home, that shows in detail the daily activities routine of a 2-year-old.

Daily Toddler Activities Sample Schedule Free Printable
Daily Toddler Activities Sample Schedule Free Printable

Daily Toddler Activities Areas

Our 99+ activities cover 4 main areas:

  1. Physical activities
  2. Social activities
  3. Language activities
  4. Math activities.

Specifically in our case, physical activities target as the name implies the physical development of the child. Therefore, they embrace the three kind of very important activities for the development of every child – gross motor, fine motor and sensory activities.

We define social activities as every activity that helps the child not only to develop social and emotional intelligence but also develop and improve their life skills. Therefore, in our case social activities embrace art activities, dance & music, and practical life activities such self-care, care for the others, cooking, cleaning, doing groceries etc.

Furthermore, we define language activities as every activity that mainly targets the speech and literacy development.

Finally, math activities include every activity that targets mainly logical thinking, problem-solving, number sense, representation, estimation and measurement.

Certainly, every activity can be variated and cover at least two areas from the above mentioned. For example, a simple activity as walking in the park will be normally classified as a physical gross motor activity. However, you can add different elements to the activity and support other areas of your toddler’s development too. For instance, you can add a math element and ask them to count or count with them their steps. Or, you can look around and ask them to name the objects around, to support their language development for example.

Whatever, you decide to do, remember to have fun and enjoy playing and your time with your little one.

1. Daily Toddler Activities – Physical Activities

1.1. Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers

You can find videos and details to every gross motor activity on the list below here.

1. Hide-and-Seek

2. Dancing Queen

3. Catch-me-if-you-can

4. Run from the Monster

5. Flamingo

6. Walking like a Duck

7. Fly like

8. One Little Person Jumping on the Bed

9. Chasing Bubbles or Balloons

10. Go-go-go-Chairs

11. Crawling through Chair Tunnels

12. Up and Down on the Step Board

13. Stairs up and Stairs down

14. Spinning around

15. Flying Clock

99 Activities for kids, preschoolers and toddlers - flying clock

16. Jumping over Obstacles

17. Riding on a Hobby Horse

18. Follow the Line

19. Sliding in a Box

20. Climbing on a Human

easy, no prep daily toddler activities

21. Basket-Swing

22. Yoga Time

23. Basket Ball

24. Shape up

25. Paper Tunnels and Balls

26. Sliding on a yoga mat

27. Toddler on a Broom

28. Balls on a Drying Rack

29. Cycling in the air

30. Ribbon Rhythmic Gymnastics

31. Frog

32. Hot Lava Game

33. Splashing around

34. Pillow Fight

35. Hopscotch with Puzzles

Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers

You can find videos and details to every activity on the list here.

36. Doing jigsaw puzzles

37. Playing with play-doh

38. Painting and drawing

39. Finger painting

40. Colander pipe cleaner

41. Stacking blocks

42. Ball in a bottle

43. Colouring Pages

44. Tracing Shapes

45. Fishing Frozen Fishes

46. Wine cork in a bottle

47. Cooking

48. Cutting with knife or scissors, peeling with a peeler

49. Opening and closing bottles and jars

50. Chase that egg

51. Spooning balls

52. Pretend play cooking

53. Straw and Wooden Coffee Stirrers

54. Ball soup

55. Straw in a Cup

56. Playing with Hot Wheels cars

57. Play with Sticks

Sensory Activities for Toddlers

You can find videos and details to every activity on the list here.

58. Chase the light beam

59. My Toys on the Wall – Mini Home Cinema sensory play

60. Chase the sun bunny

61. Light and shadow show

62. Hot and cold with Hotwheels Changing Colors Cars

63. Pouring Water

64. Tell me the fruit

2. Daily Toddler Activities – Social activities

Music & Dance

65. Singing Nursery Rhymes

66. Listening to radio and dancing

Activity # 2. Dancing Queen

Art Activities

67. Exhibition – Display your child’s art and writing

68. Puppet Show at Home

69. Visiting a Gallery

Practical Life

70. Emotions – Make a face – make a silly, angry, happy, surprised face.

71. Putting toys away (with help)

72. Doing grocery shopping and helping to unpack

73. Washing fruits & vegetables

74. Helping with preparation of food

75. Helping with setting and clearing the table

76. Washing their plates (with help) and helping to empty the dishwasher

77. Sorting, folding and putting away laundry

78. Cleaning (toys, tools, playground, environment etc.)

79. Dusting

80. Watering plants

3. Daily Toddler Activities – Language Activities

81. Name the animal

82. I spy

83. First Books

84. Reading together

85. Trace the letters

86. A is for…

87. Write a letter to grandma. 

88. Make a shopping list – Let him take his “shopping list” to the supermarket

89. Flashcards

90. Watching Educational Videos

4. Daily Toddler Activities – Math activities

You can find details and videos to the activities below here.

Math Activities for Toddlers – Number Sense & Representation

91. Count goldfishes

92. Count cars

93. Count Balls on a Drying Rack

94. DIY Abacus

95. Match the NUMBERS

96. Set the table

98. Learn to count with colouring pages and toy cars

99. One for me, one for you

Math activities for toddlers – Spatial sense

100. Shape sorting

101. Stacking blocks

102. Tunnels

103. Balls in the sand

Math activities for toddlers – Measurement & Estimation

104. Check the kitchen scale

105. Wait for a second, wait for a minute

Math activities for toddlers – Patters & Problem-Solving

106. Find similarities and differences

107. Nursery Rhymes

Benefits for your child from being active

Let’s put it this way – the benefits for your child from being active at least 180 min a day are:

  1. Having fun and being happy.
  2. Help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Build strong bones and muscles.
  4. Improve balance, movement and co-ordination skills.
  5. Promote social skills through interactions with people.
  6. Support brain development.
  7. Encourage self-confidence and independence.
  8. Whatever their level of ability, children need to be active.

These toddler activities act as a lifeline by offering a quick, accessible, and stress-free way to entertain, educate, and connect with toddlers. They provide a valuable resource for us, parents navigating the joys and challenges of early childhood.

These activities create amazing opportunities for bonding between parents and toddlers. These simple activities, done together, foster a connection and contribute to a great parent-child relationship.

Happy Playing!


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