Springtime is certainly a great time for toddler activities! After a dark, cold, rainy and snowy winter, we are so happy in all to feel and see the warm sun again!

Our little ones, who spent almost of their time indoors in the winter are surely excited to explore the awaking nature in the spring.

Also, the sun gets brighter and brighter, and the days are longer. In addition, everywhere you look – green grass, blooming flowers and opening of buds. After all, spring brings new life, fresh greens and a vibrant palette of colours. When you are a 2-year-old, spring is for sure a colourful miracle with thousands of sensory experiences waiting for you outside to explore.

Science suggests, spending more time outside, especially in green areas, is beneficial for kid’s mental health also as adults. But even without science, we all know that outdoor time is great for all of us. It’s time for our indoor generation to go outside!

So, here is our list of super simple, no-prep or low-prep springtime toddler activities. Try out today and enjoy your day to the fullest.

Gross Motor Springtime Toddler Activities

1. Jumping in muddy puddles

Indeed, not only Peppa Pig, but all toddlers love to jump in muddy puddles. Well, if you don’t have a puddle such as Peppa’s, use the sea, the ocean or a lake. And if you don’t have even that one, you can still create a muddy puddle. Jumping outside is so much fun!

2. Long walks

For one thing, we can be truly thankful that after winter must come spring and we can finally walk for hours. Let’s go outside and enjoy the springtime as much as we can.

3. Running through fields

Above all, spring is the awakening of nature. Running through fields is a great way to enjoy and discover nature with your toddler.

4. Riding a Bicycle

Do you still remember the first time you rode a bicycle? Or to be more exact probably a tricycle? So exiting, right? Indeed, springtime is the best season to start learning how to ride a bicycle or tricycle for a toddler.

springtime toddler activities

Fine Motor and Sensory Activities

5. Outdoor Sensory Bins

Luckily, it’s now certainly over with wintertime indoor sensory bins. Spring offers the best no-prep sensory bins in the world! Let your little one dig for hours in the sand on the beach or at the playground. Alternatively, explore the soil in the garden or park. Another good thing about it – no need to clean afterwards.

7. Butterfly Puppet Show

Super easy to make, these paper crafts are so much fun for toddlers. Indoor as well outdoors these little puppets are great choices for boys and girls.

8. Butterfly Soccer

The aim of the game is to get the ball into the clear box and get through the butterflies.

9. Saint Patrick’s Day Soccer

Kiss me, I’m Irish? Or, just play some soccer with me.

10. Honey Bee Sensory Bag

This bee in a sticky honey is so much fun! Feed the bee with sweet golden nectar.

Practical Life

11. Planting seeds and caring for flowers

planting seeds

12. Visit a farm

Visit a farm in the spring is a must! Feed and pet and enjoy the spring!

Springtime toddler activities

13. Helping with cleaning up the backyard or balcony

Happy Playing!

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