Try out this easy stay at home schedule with easy daily routines for your and your toddler! Use the simple structure, plan and create your own perfect years from birth to 3! Plan and play with your newborn, 1-year-old, 2-year-old and 3-year-old toddler! Not only your day will be better organized and you more productive, but also you will create and give your toddler at the same time the most meaningful gift – their own precious toddlerhood book!

Now with a free monthly calendar Sept 2021- Aug 2023!


Relax, do less cleaning, workout more, check out these super helpful printables and create your own happy daily routine, because time flies.

Easy Stay At Home Schedule Planner

This all-in-one stay-at-home schedule planner is perfect for stay at home parents, especially if you work from home with your kids.

The full printable includes more than 50 Pages with 3 Sections:

  1. Stay-at-Home Schedule Planner
  2. Toddler Book with full 2021 Calendar
  3. Toddler Meal Planner

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Alternatively, download our free printable sample templates here.

1. Stay at Home Schedule Planner for Moms and Dads


Create your perfect daily routine with this stay-at-home schedule planner.

Organize your day using the simple Toddler-Mom Daily Schedule template.

Use the Let’s get things done today template to sum up your day, track your workout, and meals. Write down your daily to-dos and your shopping list. I usually do this the night before I go to bed. Write down your inspiration for the day.

Plan and track your workout easily. Keep your house clean with our 15 min clean as you go schedule.

Take a step back and see the bigger picture every day! Stay healthy and happy and adapt more easily to the new normal!

2. Toddler Book incl. Visual Daily Toddler Schedule, Toddler Activities Routines and Calendar 2021

Use this super simple and useful toddler schedule template as basis for a beautiful and precious toddlerhood book!


Choose your favourite cover and add your favourite pictures. Write a beautiful letter to your child as a foreword to their toddlerhood book every year! They will love to read it when they grow up!

Add your favourite pictures in the Summary of the Day Template.

Plan your easy and fun daily toddler activities routine and make a long list of fun toddler activities, you do or find online.

Track the growth of your child easily.

Make it easy for your toddler to understand and follow their daily routines with the visual toddler routine template.

Last but not least, write down precious details your toddler will probably forget when they grow up in the Things from my childhood template.

3. Toddler Meal Planner

Plan easy and healthy meals that will be eaten daily. Create easily recipe cards with your favourite meals, track your toddler meals, create easily your shopping list, and plan weekly your meal plan. To ease your groceries shopping we included a list of food additives to avoid, so you can make sure, that you and your little one eat healthy every day.

The full toddler meal planner (Price $8.99) is included in All-in-One Stay at Home Schedule Planner for free!

Stay at Home Schedule Free Printables

You can download samples of our the free printable here.

Daily Toddler Schedule

Try out today this easy All-in-One Planner and Toddler Book!

Happy Planning!