Egg candles scoop is a super easy fine motor activity that you can set up in less than a minute. Although it’s super easy, this toddler activity is quite engaging and helps your toddler improve their fine motor skills.

Easy fine motor activity

Great during Easter time but also in the winter, spring, summer and fall, this simple and easy fine motor activity can be for sure part of your daily activities routine.

Also, there is an activity part for you, especially for Easter! You can of course buy egg candles or create your own DIY egg candles together with your little one. It’s easier than it looks!


To set up this easy fine motor activity, all you need is one minute of your time and the following materials

  1. Egg candles in different colours
  2. Big IKEA toy storage bin
  3. Tap water
  4. Spoon, ladle or any type of a scooper


Pour some cold tap water in a bucket or in a simple IKEA toy storage bin and add some egg candles in different colours.

Give your little one a spoon, a ladle or a scooper and let the magic happen. They will scoop and scoop and scoop…

Our Activity

Here is an example, how it went in our case. As you can see, scooping, making soup, splashes, fun everything is included! The most important thing – it keeps our 2.5 old busy and quite concentrated for a while.

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