Learning at home can be so much fun with these easy and fun fine motor activities for kids and toddlers! These fun and mess free fine motor activities are a great to practice fine motor skills at home. Make your kids and toddlers happy and give them a try! Super easy to set up, they are certainly a must for every daily toddler schedule.

It’s good to know that from birth to eight years, children continually acquire, refine and consolidate their motor functions and skills.

Above all, mastery of fine motor skills requires not only precision and coordination but also a great amount of concentration and practice. Therefore, it’s crucial that your child engages daily in activities that help to develop their dexterity. 

12+ easy fine motor activities for kids and toddlers at home

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of 12+ easy and fun fine motor activities for kids, preschool and toddlers that can be repeated daily. So, when you need a fun fine motor toddler activity idea, you will know where to find it!

12+ Great Fine Motor Activities for happy toddlers and kids

1. Playing a Musical Instrument

Playing a musical instruments is a great fine motor activity that helps also the brain development. Drums are easy to learn to play, so let’s start with that one. If you don’t want to buy drums, use what you have. It works pretty well.

Easy fine motor activities

2. Indoor Balloon Chase

Super easy and fun, this indoor activity is great to practice hand-eye coordination, fine motor and gross motor skills.

fine motor activities for kids

3. Indoor Balloon Tennis

If your little one is too young to use a tennis ball, try out indoor balloon tennis! It’s also so much fun!

fun and mess free fine motor activities for kids, preschool and toddlers

4. Toy Car Transfer with BBQ Tongs

BBQ Tongs are a great way to practice fine motor skills. You can do it with toy cars, balls, lego pieces, egg candles, cookies and actually everything that fits in between.

And then let your toddler transfer and transfer…

5. The Emotional Carousel of the Jar Lids

6. Baby Shark Sensory Bag

We love this easy DIY baby shark sensory bag! Got some white beans? You can prepare a delicious bean soup and then take out a few and do some pretty cool things for your little one! Beans are great for all kinds of fine motor and sensory activities.

Alternatively, you can try some more of our sensory bags with white beans!

7. DIY Nesting Dolls Play

8. Easy Ball Drop

Easy to set up in just 5 min, this ball drop activity is great to practice fine motor, gross motor and early math skills.

Alternatively, let your little one assemble a marble run and then use it.

Many thanks for this great video by Hao Liang.


10. Honey Bee Assembling

11. Scribbling

No matter where even if it’s your notebook or the walls, scribbling is the fastest way to writing. So, let’s encourage it!

Happy Playing!

12. Pasta Threading

Pasta Threading is easy and fun. Let’s build some towers!

Fine Motor Activities

Great videos and images by Triocean.

13. Building Blocks and Pins

Building blocks with pins

This activity helps not only to practice your childs fine motor skills, but also their hand eye coordination.

Thank you Natalia for the great videos and images.

14. Lego

We love Lego! No wonder! It makes learning and practicing fine motor skills so engaging and fun!


15. Easy Homemade Pickles

Helping in the kitchen is not only a great practical life activity, but also a really great practice for the fine motor skills of your little helper.

How about making some easy homemade pickles? All you need is a jar, water and some toy veggies. Use some tongs to get them out and put them in!

Fine motor activities - easy homemade pickles

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