These spring fine motor and sensory activities with our DIY honey bees are so much fun! Go ahead and give them a try today!

These fine motor activities are great for ages 2-5 and can be repeated daily. Your little one can play with these honey bees everywhere – at home, in the park, in the back yard! Find out how to create the honey bees here.

Honey Bees Educational Sensory Bag

Are you looking for a sensory bag, that is not only fun but also educational? Then try out the honey bee math sensory bag.

DIY Honey Bee Sensory Bag Sensory and Fine Motor Activities for kids

Help your little one develop key math skills for school! With this sensory bag they can for example learn and practice counting. But not only that. With this sensory bag it’s so easy to understand one-to-one correspondence. One honey bee – one wing. Furthermore, it helps to develop an understanding of addition and subtraction.

Will the bee be eaten by the bean monster or just bite him? Totally up to your little one!

How to make a sensory bag? It’s easier than you think. Check out here the instructions for our easy, no mess, 1 minute sensory bag tutorial.

Body and Wings

Another great activity is the assembling the honey bee.

Fine Motor and Sensory Activities with Honey Bees

Just put the honey bees and their wings on the activity table in front of your little one. Ask them to assemble the bee – each honey bee has a yellow body and light blue wings. While assembling, your little one can make the correspondent sounds – buzz, buzz, buzz. Ask them to count the bees and make them fly for example in a circle. Then change the pattern of flying and ask them to fly the bee in a triangle. And so on…

Check it out for yourself. Fun and engaging, it helps your little one to practice and develop their fine motor skills. Here is a short video of our your 2-year-old honey bees activities.

Happy Playing!

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