These fine motor and sensory activities with our DIY Ladybugs are so much fun! Try them out today! They are great not only for toddlers as sensory bags, but also for homeschool preschoolers to practice counting, sorting and fine motor skills. Not only that but they are also an easy craft for kids. Find out how to create them here.

These fine motor and sensory activities are great for ages 2-5 and can be repeated daily.

Ladybugs Educational Sensory Bag

Are you looking for a sensory bag, that is not only fun but also educational? Then try out the ladybugs math sensory bag. Help your little one develop key math skills for school! With this sensory bag they can for example learn and practice counting. But not only that. With this sensory bag it’s so easy to understand one-to-one correspondence. Furthermore, it helps to develop an understanding of addition and subtraction.

DIY Ladybugs activities

How to make a sensory bag? It’s easier than you think. Check out here the instructions for our easy, no mess, 1 minute sensory bag.

Alternatively, you can make our Beany Bag – our beans eating monster.

Beany Sensory Bag

Ladybugs hiding in a tree – fine motor and sensory play

This is one of the most engaging activities for our little one this spring. Ladybugs hiding in a tree!

fine motor and sensory activities for kids

Together with Aiden we created a small tree out of an empty kitchen roll, tape and green fleece cloth wipe. And this is how it goes:

  • we wrapped up the green cloth around the kitchen roll tube.
  • we cut out an opening in both the green cloth and the roll tube.
  • Finally we just taped it with a clear tape.

Our tree was not super stable but it served its purpose! Pushing the ladybugs in the tree was so engaging for our little one. Check out the video.

I really think that this was one of the most engaging spring fine motor and sensory activities we tried out so far.

Ladybugs in a tulip

Our last trip some months before we became parents was in the late spring to Keukenhof, Holland. We just love spring and tulips.

DIY Ladybugs Sensory and Fine Motor Activities

So, does our little one! In the spring, he has about 3 pots of flowers he needs to take care of. And this time, he just started to place the ladybugs one by one into the flower. Not only beautiful, but also a great way to practice fine motor skills!

Happy Playing!

Looking for more fun activities with beans? Check out these honey bees here or our easter activities!

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