Try out today this fun, no-prep, learning activity with your toddler in the park! Just pick up some of these small sticks that you can find easily around! It’s a super easy way for a 2-year-old to learn shapes, numbers, or letters with this sticks activity! This easy game will give your little one the opportunity to practice using new words, count, compare different sizes, build shapes, and appreciate nature in a new way!

Fun Activity for Toddler with Sticks
Activity for Toddler


This simple sticks activity is easy as the nursery rhyme goes “…five, six, pick up sticks…” And that’s exactly what you need – few small sticks to count and build shapes, letters or numbers.

How to use them

No-prep, spontaneous and fun, you can try out this toddler activity with your 2-year-old today or any day. What you need to do is

  1. You both to collect some sticks.
  2. Then you both sort them according to their size and color.
  3. Additionally, you count them.
  4. Last but not least, build some easy shapes, letters or numbers.

So much fun for your toddler to learn shapes, letters and counting with sticks while walking in a park!

Benefits from this Fun Toddler Activity with Sticks

Simple but powerful learning tool, this activity has many benefits for toddlers:

  1. Developing the ability to count verbally
  2. Recognizing shapes, numbers, letters
  3. Identifying quantity
  4. Understanding sizes (big-small, long-short)
  5. Helps your toddler to develop descriptive language skills.
  6. Ensures clear communication
  7. Strengthens creativity and bound with nature.
  8. Physical exercise.

Walking 10.000 steps a day is something everyone should do, rain or shine. Picking up sticks, stones, leaves, or flowers are great ways to walk and appreciate nature’s beauty and gifts. It is important, that every child spends at least two hours a day outside. It is so much fun, to run around, pick up sticks, explore and observe animals and insects!

Happy Playing!

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