These simply great, easy and fun activities at home for kids make our day. They are certainly very close to become the highlight of our indoor life.

Toddlers, preschool and beyond are indeed stuck at home for God knows how long. Therefore, quiet as well energy busting activities are what we need right now. Otherwise, there will be no break in sight for tired parents. Especially for the lucky ones who work from home. Yep! What we need right now are boredom busters for our kids. We need more than anything active physical activities for all our indoor kids and toddlers. Above all, we need creative ideas, to keep them busy. So that, we can finally read the horrifying news of course and worry about everything in private :).

Well, let’s not forget how to smile and to laugh and make the best of the situation. In situations like this, I always think about Roberto Benigni’s La vita è bella. So, no matter what happens in the world right now, the best thing we can do is to be good people and attentive parents and laugh with our kids as often as we can.

And here they are, our super easy and fun indoor activities at home for kids. Great for ages 2-5, we included also the videos, so you can see how the activity goes in our case.

Super Easy Gross Motor Activities at Home for Kids

1. Jumping on the Bed

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped his head
Mama called the doctor
And the doctor said…You know, it’s better and safer to jump on your IKEA baby mattress on the floor. That were his exact words.

So, we did.

2. Flashlight Beam Chase – ACTIVITIES AT HOME FOR KIDS

We suspected all along – our kids are faster than the light. Superheroes, beam light chaser, go and get the light.


Add some action to your evenings for example with a simple flashlight! Your little James Bond can surprise you from everywhere in the dark and jump in the spotlight. Exactly, like James Bond does. If they know who James Bond is. However, it doesn’t matter that much. It’s important to jump, have fun and not be afraid in the dark.

4. Hula Hoop

Hula hooping is surely a great way for your toddler to improve their balance and learn body control.

5. Hop Hop Circles

Another great use for hula hoop are the hop hop circles. Just place two hula hoops on the floor, preferably in two different sizes and make your little one jump first into the little one, then into the bigger one. Great indoor gross motor activity, that helps your little one also practice comparison and language (bigger, smaller, near, far, here, there).


Did you know, that Riding a Hobbyhorse is an organized sport? So, let your toddler do it because they might be a rising talent in a new sport!

8. High Knees

Energising and fun, this gross motor activity is great HIIT also for adults.

9. Diving into a DIY Ball Pit

Hmm, I’m still not a huge fan of this diving activity. Regardless, our little one just loves it. We use for instance our IKEA couch to build an indoor ball pit, since outdoor is not an option anymore.

10. Downward Facing Dog

This great yoga pose not only stretches the body, but also calms the brain and helps to relieve stress. Well worth it, to do it together with your kids.

Fine Motor and Sensory Activities at Home for Kids

11. Fishing in a DIY Ball Pit

We certainly love fishing! And when outdoor fishing is not an option, we can build our own lake with parts of our couch and balls. And look here! This school of magnetic fishes is indeed swarming around our fishing rod. You caught one!

12. Flashlight in a Bottle – ACTIVITIES AT HOME FOR KIDS

Activities at Home - Flashlight in a bottle

This fine motor and sensory activity is certainly just great. Let your little one practice their fine motor skills. Also, let them find solutions on their own and figure out how to get out the pocket flashlight out of the bottle.

13. Rainbow in boxes

So, you have some plastic packaging left at home? A box of chocolates for example? Or maybe a box of 20 Hot wheels cars? Yep! Great, then let’s practice our fine motor skills! And not only that… This super simple activity is also great for preschool – super effective color recognition practice. As you can see in the video below, we used water colours. Before we started filling the small boxes with little rainbows, we practised also our pouring skills.

14. Lego Finger Family

I still cannot figure out the reason, why toddler are so fascinated with the Finger Family song. Our little one is no exception. If you want to keep them busy for while with a fine motor activity, let them sing the finger family song. Let them use for example hand puppets, lego minifugures, play-doh, and actually everything that can fit on their sweet tiny fingers. Great activity to practice not only fine motor but also language skills.

15. The Emotional Water Monster

You can surely set up this emotional water monster in just a minute! Therefore, it’s well worth to try out this sensory bag! Not only your little one can practice with it their fine motor skills but also learn to explain emotions.

16. Montessori inspired DIY Nesting Dolls

Try out in any case these Montessori inspired Nesting Dolls. Super easy to set up with Kinder Surprise for example, they keep your little one busy for a while.

17. Pop the Bubbles

Simple and easy, pop the bubbles is in any case a great coordination and fine motor activity, that can be set in less than a minute.

18. Matching Balls and Colours

19. Stacking Cylinders

20. Car in a Bottle

21. Ball Drop

Easy to set up in just 5 min, this ball drop activity is great to practice fine motor, gross motor and early math skills.

21 indoor activities for kids


Happy Playing!

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