Super easy to set up, these fun spring & summer outdoor obstacle activities are great ways to practice gross motor skills every day.

You can do try it out with a 2-year-old, or 3-year-old, but also preschoolers are kids have great fun to do it over and over again.

Good to know, that obstacle courses hold a long tradition in society that began with the Roman Empire, and that remain today in physical education, military training, and more recently among recreational and professional athletes.

Our fun summer obstacle course ideas are of course on a small scale for younger humans.


Forest HOP

Super simple to set up, this fun obstacle course is great to try out in the park, backyard or just when you are walking in the forest.

All you need are few wooden pieces. Place them in a row and ask your little one to jump from one to another like a bunny. Join the fun! If you look for the indoor versions, check out these gross motor activities here.

Stone Islands

We did this activity at the playground in the park, but it can be done anywhere you can imagine small islands. It’s a catchy activity, so your little one will repeat it for quite some time.

We recommend this activity for toddlers 3+ depending on the height of the islands.

Get Over it

Another super fun obstacle course to try out. We found it in the park, but it’s also super easy to set up in the backyard with few pipes, that you used for example for an educational alphabet activity.

Beach obstacle course

Another great option to try out if you live close to the beach!

Outdoor obstacle course activities are a great way to practice gross motor skills outdoors, to burn off energy and should be part of any good daily toddler routine.

Mens sana in corpore sano!

Happy Playing!

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