Check out these great homeschool Halloween learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers at home!

Super easy to set up these Halloween homeschool learning activities are great and fun way to practice math, counting, language and fine motor skills.

How to make them? Check out here: Aiden tried out these super easy and fun Halloween preschool DIY crafts for kids! They are so easy and fun to make! These cute pumpkins jack-o’-lantern and scary ghosts are great for toddlers and preschoolers at home!

Materials – Halloween Learning Activities

You will need just few simple materials to create all these Halloween sensory bags and bins:

Cute Jack-o’-lantern and Scary Ghosts

  1. Few dry white beans
  2. Orange and black nail polish for adults
  3. For toddlers & preschoolers: orange & black acrylic paint and thin watercolour brush
  4. Paper
  5. Optional disposable plate

If you make them with your toddler or preschooler, let them use acrylic paint and thin water colour brush.

You can use nail polish to create non-washable jack-o’-lantern and scary ghosts, that you can put into sensory bags with filling.

Sensory Bags

  1. Clear resealable plastic ziploc bag.
  2. Permanent marker.
  3. Duct tape.
  4. Fluid (we use tab water).

Sensory Bins

  1. Brown rice
  2. Bin
  3. Other fillers such toy spiders, toy skeleton and other scary Halloween toys

Counting Activity

Watercolour mixing palette

Instructions – Halloween Learning Activities

Paint the white beans as cute little jack-o’-lantern and scary ghosts using a disposable plate or kitchen paper to place them to dry.

When ready, paint the faces.

Halloween Sensory Bags

Use the permanent marker to create a spiderweb with numbers or a letter Jack-o’-lantern.

Then fill the sensory bag with 1/3 water and put the painted beans inside.

Seal the bag and tape it to your child’s activity table using the duct tape.

That’s it!

Halloween Sensory Bin

Fill the bin with the brown rice and all Halloween items you want to place into the bin.

Halloween Counting Activity

Use a washable marker to paint the numbers 1-5 onto the watercolour mixing palette.

Halloween Learning Activities for Toddlers and Preschool

Halloween Spider Counting Sensory Bag

Ask you child to place the correct number of ghosts and Jack-o’-lantern in the spiderweb.


Halloween Jack-o’-lantern Sound/ Letter Sorting Sensory Bag


Ask your child to attribute the objects to the correct letter according to the sound they make – P for pumpkin and G for ghost.

Halloween Counting Palette

Ask you child to place the correct number of ghosts and Jack-o’-lantern into the trays.


Halloween Sorting Sensory Bin

Let your child explore different spooky objects in this fun Halloween sensory bin.


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