Add some magic and more fun to your evenings with these indoor evening toddler activities with light! These activities are easy, no-prep and super exciting for your little one and perhaps also for you.

Quite some time ago, I read a fun article about the “perfect storm” of dinner, baths and bed time. A survey among 1000 parents found out that this perfect combination DiBaBeTi pushes parental stress levels to their peak. Additionally, it calculated that parents spend a total of 177 days – almost six months – of their lives feeding and bathing their children, as well as battling to put them to bed before they reach the age of 10. Hmmmm. In fact, that’s almost 425 hours in a year. Sad, but true, that’s without a doubt more time than I work out in a year. Also, that’s more time than I usually I spend in traffic even when I need to commute.

So, dinner, baths and bed time… Well, what needs to be done, must be done, right? With this in mind, we thought about how to make it more fun and even magical for all of us. So, here we are. We all surely love lights. And in fact, we all love playing. So, we tried out these fun indoor evening toddler activities with light.

Try out these evening activities at home too and let me know, how they did they work for you!

What to do with your toddler in the evening?

  1. Shiny spinning
  2. James Bond Toddler
  3. Disco, disco
  4. Flash Light Beam Chase
  5. Super heroes
  6. Magic Glow Pad


What you need are few party items like

  1. BOBO Balloons with sticks – clear multi-color LED light balloons.
  2. Mini party disco rotating light
  3. Small LED flashlight
  4. Magic Glow Pad

Shiny magic

That’s how Aiden calls it. And this shiny magic is simple as rolling the the balloon stick (above the battery) between your two hands. Also for me, relaxing and magical. I guess, we girls just love shiny.

James Bond toddler

The gun barrel sequence is the signature device featured in nearly every James Bond film. Above all, we skip all the gun and bloody part and just make fun circle shadow sequences. What you need for sure is a LED flashlight. The rest is up to your and your toddler’s imagination.

For example, your toddler can jump in the light, or explore their movements in lights and shadow. Also, you can move the light beam, so your toddler appears bigger and smaller.

Aiden loves that – to grow fast. This is a great way to teach about sizes.

Disco, disco – Shiny spinning

indoor toddler evening activities

Let’s check out this one. Another shiny, only that this one is spinning by itself. What you need is a mini party disco rotating light. Put some music on and the fun can start. Clubbing at home with your toddler have never been so much fun. This activity is great to get some more energy burnt off at the end of the day.

Flashlight Beam Chase

If your toddler is still very energetic at the end of the day and loves running, this is the activity for you. What you need is a small led flashlight. You have two options – either you control the flashlight beam or your little one controls it. Either way, clear the way and let your little one run around the house in the dark. This activity improves also balance and orientation. However, if your little one is afraid of the dark, it might be not the right activity for you.

Super Heroes

Indeed, we happen to have some miniatures of super heroes at home. We put their tiny figures on the top of the mini party disco rotating light and the magic happens. They are all over on the ceiling, on the walls. Most importantly, they are ready for some light and shadow theater.

Dinner, baths and bed time should be wonderful experiences every day for us. So, let’s instead of getting stress out, just dim down the lights and play some time.

Magic Glow Pad

If you are tired of all dancing and running, dim down the evening with a quiet drawing activity. How about to light up your drawing with the Magic Glow Pad? This thing illuminates your toddler’s art with a simple press of a button in different colors. Wow!

Happy Playing!

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