Indoor Gross Motor Toys your Active Toddler will love

What is the best gift for a toddler? Wonder no more and check out our list of the best indoor gross motor skills toys for Christmas and birthdays! No matter whether the gift goes to a toddler boy or girl, 2 year old or 3 year old, your little active toddler will love them. Gross motor toys are not only great for practicing balance but also to burn a great amount energy at home, when going out is not an option.

We share our 20 favourite gross motor toys that we love having at home fall and winter, spring and summer. Check them out! This list is simply great as a Christmas or birthday gift guide for 2-year-old!

Yep! Wintertime is almost there. As we all know it is not an easy season for active toddlers. Above all, they love to run and play outside. As a parent of a very active 2-year-old, I know, those active toddlers are always up to improve their gross motor skills, especially outside. Jumping, running, kicking, climbing. Not everything is over now, however, the weather in the wintertime does not always allow us to play outside. We still need to burn some energy though, to get a goodnight sleep. So, therefore, indoor solutions must be found. Check out these 39 + Indoor Gross Motor Activities for toddler who don’t sleep well.

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1. Trampoline

A trampoline is a perfect tool to provide hours of bouncing fun. It’s a great solution for toddler and kids to stay active in the wintertime and burn some high energy. Easy to move, however quite big for small playrooms.

2. Slide

A big folding slide! Toddlers loves climbing and sliding. And it burns a lot of energy. Easy to store, because it’s a folding slide.

Alternatively, a bed with a slide is the ultimate dream of every toddler.

3. Balance Bike

A balance bike is the coolest way to learn balance skills from as young as 18 months. It improves balance and confidence long before your toddler learns to ride a pedal bike.

4. Step Board

Step it up! That’s practically not a toy, however, I’ve noticed how long my son plays with my step board. He goes up and down, jumps up and down, runs around it and when he gets tired, he uses it as a tunnel for his Hotwheels cars. The non-slip surface provides stability. Also, it can be adjusted to two different heights for different levels of intensity. A step board is portable and compact, easy-to-use at home and you can lend it anytime after it served its time as a tunnel.

5. Tennis Racket

Practice indoor tennis with a balloon or ball pit ball. The choice is yours! Main thing – keep moving and hitting the ball.

6. Toddler Step

You can buy Toddler Step anywhere and it is perfect for the kid’s room, playroom or family room. We bough three from Ikea and the jumping fun never ends. Of course they are all placed on a carpet, so your little one does not slip.

7. Wooden Trike

A wooden trike is a classic toy. It has easy-to-grab handles so that your little one can steer in any direction. It helps build gross motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination with everyday play. Additionally, it does not take that much of a space.

8. Indoor Basketball

A basketball set is a great indoor activity. Run and jump – buy an indoor basketball set or just use a normal laundry basket.

9. Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop is a classic to stay active and have fun. Additionally, it does not take any space and this cosmic hoop lights up the night. My toddler loves that.

11. Jump Rope

My toddler just turned 2 and he is learning to jump with both feet. This jump rope lights up, when you jump. So, it’s a fun way to do some exercises and dance together.

12. Ball Pit

Well, I don’t love ball pits, but my little one does and it seems any other toddler is also crazy for them. Big bouncing non-stop at home and ball pit balls everywhere.

13. Crawl-through tunnel

Active toddlers love crawl through a tunnels. Buy one that sets up quickly and easily folds flat for convenient storage.

Toddler Gross Motor Toys

14. Hopscotch Mat/ Rug

Hopscotch is a classic game with plenty of jumping and fun learning.

15. Ball Games

Yep! Ball games are a good way to stay active. Toddlers can exercise to catch and throw. It helps with gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

16. Hopper Ball

Hop, and bounce. Great way to move around the house – bouncing and hopping. And of course to get really, really tired.

17. Balls

Do you need more balls at home? Obviously, a toddler cannot have enough of them. And this is good like that. Let our little one train throwing, kicking, catching – all good things.

18. Bowling Set

A bowling set is a fun way to stay active. It improves hand-eye coordination and dexterity and promotes early counting sills.

19. Golf Set

Start early to play golf. A golf playset is a perfect way to introduce your toddler to the game of golf and keep them active at home.

20. Yoga Mat

Yep! A yoga mat! Begin with yoga as early as you can, it helps strengthen core muscles and develop a healthy daily routine. Besides, you can always use it as a slide and pull your toddler around the house.

No more indoor gross motor skill toys? They try out some fun toddler activities, that don’t need toys.

20 indoor gross motor skills toys for active toddlers

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