Learn to Count with Coloring Pages and Toy Cars

Learn to count with toy cars and coloring pages! There are so many different activities you can do with toy cars. For Aiden, it was really easy and fun to learn to count with toy cars and DIY number coloring pages. It’s not a big secret, that Aiden like many toddlers loves cars, colors, numbers and tries to count everything around.

So one day, during his midday nap, I decided to surprise him with something he would love – big colored numbers matching 10 of his hot wheels cars in different colors.

In the following video, you can get an idea of the activity and how the numbers were created.

Toddler Activities Learn Counting with Toy Cars

Materials for the Activity

What you need is:

  1. 10 sheets of cardboard paper.
  2. A marker.
  3. Gel crayons in different colors. However, you can use any type of coloring materials.
  4. 10 toy cars in different colors.

I used glitter to make the numbers. Big mistake! If you don’t intend to laminate them afterward, then do not use glitter!

The great thing is, that Aiden loved the colored numbers, however, his hands and skin were covered in glitter. And it was kind of uneasy to take them away from him. So next time, no glitter for us without a laminator.

By the way, I have to “create” almost every day, three sets of coloring pages, because we are in this phase now. I draw very simple and fast versions like this one here. No coloring from my side anymore.

How to learn to count with Toy Cars?

What we did mainly, was to match the color of the toy cars with color of the numbers. Then we counted the toy cars by adding one after another until we reached the number.

Benefits from this Activity for Toddlers

The main benefits of this activity are the development of early math skills, such as:

  1. Developing the ability to count verbally,
  2. Recognizing numbers,
  3. Identifying quantity,
  4. Understanding one-to-one relations (matching colors, matching quantity, and numbers)

Happy playing!

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