Mother’s day one of the best day of the year and perfect for our easy Love craft for kids, preschool and toddlers.

The best thing about it, you can use it also as a Love Sensory bag and do some counting and fine motor activities.

Moms are among the best magical and powerful creatures in the world and without them, there will be no world. Before becoming a mom, I never realised how much a mom can love, and how many sacrifices she makes. I really understand now Karl Lagerfeld, why the only love that he really believed in is a mother’s love for her children. It’s limitless.

So, for Mother’s day this year, me and my almost 3-year-old, decided to create something that shows how we feel about each other, and also about my mom and his grandma.

So, inspired by our fun sensory bags with beans, we created this amazing, beautiful and full with love Mother’s Day card:

Mom, you fill my heart with love – Our Easy Mother’s Day Craft for Kids

Mom, you fill my heart with love -  Mother's day craft for kids


This easy Mother’s Day Love craft is great for young kids, preschool and toddlers. If you want to create a Mother’s day card like ours, you will need few things

  1. Our free Printable in 2 copies
  2. White Beans
  3. Nail Polish in red, pink and red shades
  4. Zip lock bag


  • Cutter Knife
  • Tape
  • Glue

Instructions for Our Easy Mother’s Day Craft for Kids

Mother's day craft for kids
  1. Download our free printable and print it out twice on a cardboard paper.
  2. Cut out with the cutter knife the heart only on the one of the copies.
  3. Paint hearts on the white beans with the nail polish and let them dry.
  4. Put the beans with the hearts into the zip lock bag.
  5. Tape the zip lock bag to the second copy, so that the hearts are moving in the heart area.
  6. Glue the first copy, so that you can see the hearts.

That’s it!

That’s how our moms make us feel – they fill our hearts with love!

God Bless All the Mother’s! We love you! And we love the kids of course!

You can use also the cut out heart as a card and make it even more beautiful when you glue some of the beans to it.

Otherwise, you can let your little one practice their counting and fine motor skills. And especially painting the hearts with nail polish. Not a joke

Free Printable

Here is our free printable for download

Mother's day craft for kids

Sensory Bag Hearts Craft

And if you want to do something even easier, try out this 1-minute DIY Sensory Bag with hearts.

Happy Creating!

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