Try out today the Mystery Bag! That’s another Montessori inspired simple sensory toddler activity. It helps your toddler to develop the sense of touch and learn and repeat new words.

Sensory activities improve concentration and fine motor skills and at the same time they are pretty easy to do daily.

Mystery Bag sensory activity

This Mystery Bag activity helps in particular to develop the stereognostic sense. That’s our ability to recognise objects with hands without seeing them. Your little one will use and practice therefore their sense of touch with this activity.


What you need are

  1. One drawstring bag from a soft fabric (laundry bag, shoe or hat bag for example)
  2. Few objects (5-7) that your toddler knows well.

I used here for example large hat bag from a soft fabric. Also, I put inside 3 building blocks in different shapes, one soft ball, 1 teddy bear, 2 cars and a big soft dice.

Our Mystery Bag is pretty simple and suitable for a 2 – 2.5 year old. If your child is older, you can of course add more and more complicated objects.

How this Mystery Bag works

First, show your little one how the activity should work. For this purpose, put your hand into the bag and close your eyes. Alternatively, if your toddler is like mine and wants to open the bag right away, try to feel the objects outside the bag. Then pick an object from the things inside and guess what it is. Finally, take it out, show it to your little one and name it. Then it’s your toddler’s turn.

Here is a short video of how it went for us. Not exactly how ideally the activity should work, but anyway it was fun!

Happy Playing!

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