Mystery snow is a fun sensory activity for toddlers. Super easy to set up, this activity can keep your little one busy for an hour.

Mystery Snow Fun Sensory Activity

It’s a kind of messy variation of the Mystery Bag. That’s another Montessori inspired simple sensory toddler activity. It helps your toddler to develop the sense of touch and learn and repeat new words.

This fun sensory activity can help your toddler to improve their concentration and practice their fine motor skills.


You can set up the activity in a minute and you need only few things:

  1. Foaming Shaving Gel
  2. A big bowl
  3. IKEA storage bin (pool)
  4. Water
  5. Objects that you want to hide in the snow.


Put 5-6 objects in the bowl and cover them with the foaming shaving gel well, so it looks like as if snow covered them. Fill the pretend pool with warm water and ask your toddler to search the snow.

How this fun sensory activity goes in our case

Mystery snow is indeed a very engaging activity, that requires 3-4 times changing the pool water. We use shapes, minifigures, numbers, anything.

Aiden takes usually long time to clean up well the object he has found. Right afterwards he puts it back in the snow and then washes it again. Over and over again. Here is a short video of how it goes in our case.

One thing that you need to prevent though is to let your toddler run with foamy hands around the house.

Especially, if you have mixed the snow with finger paint. Not fun to clean, especially from carpets and walls. Wanted to try also this variation after I saw some really interesting looking shaving foam painting activities on Pinterest. But this did not work that well for us. Still finding some handprints around the house…and especially on our white walls and carpets.

Happy Playing!

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