Number Coloring Pages for Toddlers

Good news – no need to buy or print out number coloring pages for toddlers anymore! You can create your own unique DIY number coloring pages for your little one in just 2 minutes! Another good news – you do not have to be a great painter!

Coloring Pages with Numbers with Watercolors
Coloring Pages with Numbers with Watercolors

Coloring numbers is a fun, art activity that helps your toddler to develop early math skills and learn colors. It’s super easy and inexpensive to create them.

So, what is the big secret?

Materials for DIY Number Coloring Pages for Toddlers

I suspect that you already, sense what materials you need to make them. But I will tell you anyway. You need:

  1. Ten sheets of white thick paper, if you want to reuse the numbers. Otherwise, you can use normal paper or a sketch blog, depending on what your toddler likes best to color, paint or draw.
  2. One king-size black marker, that can draw highly visible, extra wide lines. Do not use a permanent marker! It is not safe and suitable for card stock nor for paper.


To start, make clear lines to outline the numbers from one to ten. It takes no more than 1 minute to do all of the numbers.

That’s it. Your little one can now enjoy coloring and repeating numbers and colors.

The first time I did it, was not that good, but you need to start somewhere. I needed to do the coloring pages a couple of times in a week, so in the end, I got much better. And thank you Aiden, that you appreciate mommy’s talent and request more and more from my precious art.

Benefits of Number Coloring Activities for Toddlers

The main benefits of coloring number pages are:

  1. Helps developing early math skills.
  2. Helps developing fine motor skills.
  3. Improves visual analysis.
  4. Helps developing hand-eye coordination.
  5. Helps to establish concentration.

More Ideas

More ideas, how to use the number coloring pages you can find here:

Learn to Count with Cars and Number Coloring Pages

Our 2-years-old son learned to count to 10 with these coloring pages and his cars by the age of 24 months. He forgets sometimes 7. His dad wanted to name him Seven before he was even born, so I think he has good reasons to skip the 7.

Happy playing!

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