Outdoor painting on the beach is a great summer activity. Super easy to set up, this activity is a must for anyone who loves the beach, sunrises and sunsets. But also those with backyards far from the beach, can enjoy this summer outdoor painting activity and set up a beach feeling in their backyards. And even if you live in the city, this summer activity can make your evening walks with your toddler more exiting and add an art touch to their summer routine. Every artist was first an amateur, so let’s start there. We even started calling it En plein air, so it sounds more sophisticated.

We set up our outdoor painting on the beach activity during our beautiful evening walk around the corner.

Outdoor Painting on the beach


And this is what we used to set it up:

  • Hand paint for kids
  • Canvas
  • Paint brushes with a paint tray
  • A line
  • Clothespins
Painting on the beach

That’s it. Super easy and light to carry around in a small bag during your evening walk.

We used here acrylic paint, but also water colours work great. All you need are the 3 primary colours, but we added green as well.

Our canvas was simply some of our sketch block paper.

We used paint brushes with a paint tray and we mean the ones you buy from the hardware store. Easier to clean them up from the sand. Why from the sand? Because your little artist might start to paint seashells on the beach too…

We decided that an easel is not really easy to carry around on a walk, so we just took a simple line that fits in our pockets. Additionally, we used few wooden clothespins to set up our line easel.


Tie the line around two beach umbrellas and set up the painting station for your little artist.

Sit down, get yourself a drink and enjoy the beautiful evening on the beach enjoying the art work of your child. Best thing – when they get dirty, they just have tons of water to get clean.

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