Check out this super fun and easy toddler learning activity! This outdoor dinosaur sensory bin is super easy to set up and it’s super engaging for toddlers between age 2 to 4.

Easy outdoor learning activity

Pretty sure that all toddlers love to play in the water. The problem is that at some point especially when it’s a windy or somewhat cooler summer day, they will get cold. Even with blueish lips they will still insist to stay in the water. So, how to get them out to the warm sand? We need a good solution to make them prefer digging into the warm sand instead pouring water.

Building sand castles, collecting seashells, searching for colourful stones – we tried a lot and it worked for a while. We found even better solution – this outdoor dinosaur sensory bin! It seems to be the winer for keeping a toddler warm on the beach. Great for windy and cooler summer days, this sensory activity supports the development of physical, social and cognitive skills.

Sand play supports the development of large-muscle skills develop as children dig, pour, scoop and transport sand and water. Eye-hand coordination and small-muscle control improve as children refine their movements. 

MATERIALS FOR this easy learning activity

Few dinosaurs (example)

Dinosaur egg (for example)

Beach sand set (example)


Hide the dinosaurs and the dinosaur eggs in a marked area in the sand and ask your little one to search for the dinosaurs.

That’s it. The big digging can start! Your toddler can have so much fun! They can get messy with sand and water as much as they want. Further more, this sensory activity helps them to use their imaginations and learn.

Here is a short video of our sensory play.

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Happy Playing!