Puppet Show at Home – DIY

Make your own DIY Puppet Show at home in 10 minutes! This DIY toddler activity goes quick and easy and it costs almost nothing. Your child will love it, especially if you make the puppets together.

DIY Puppet Show At Home

Home puppet shows are a great way to communicate with your toddler and to teach them important lessons. Puppet shows have been used for many centuries for entertainment and learning. They have been used as an educational resource, and various studies have proved that they are very effective aids for entertaining and teaching preschoolers. If you haven’t played with puppets with your toddler before, give it a try!

The puppet show we share here was done to repeat the numbers from 1 to 8 and to make a story with the favorite characters of Aiden at the moment. A turtle he saw at his grandma’s house, his grandma’s house, a chick, a stork, a flower and of course a shark family, that he just cannot forget.



To create a similar puppet show, you need:

  1. New cleaning cloths for the kitchen in different colors (I used a fleece cleaning cloths)
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Pencils
  5. Clothespins
  6. Drying rack as your stage
  7. A white or another color sheet to decorate the stage.

How To Make The DIY Puppet Show?

It was pretty easy and fast to create the puppets.

  • First, you take the new cleaning cloths and outline the shape of the puppet you would like to make.
  • Second, you cut it out.
  • Third, you decorate it with cutouts and use the glue to attach them.
  • Finally, you use the clothespins to put the puppets on the drying rack (your stage).
  • Last but not least, you prepare your stage with the sheet you will hide behind to perform the puppet show.

The variation of the activity was Aiden playing with the puppets on the couch.

Benefits of this Toddler Activity

A simple puppet show like this one can help your toddler:

  1. Develop fine motor skills while participating in creating the puppets,
  2. Improve communication skills,
  3. Stimulate their creativity,
  4. Understand concepts.
  5. You can use this interesting method to teach values and morals to your child from a very young age, which she will remember for a lifetime.

You can use a puppet show, to repeat and teach values and morals to your toddler. If you are fun and engaging performer, there is a big chance, that your toddler will remember those morals for a lifetime.

Happy Playing!

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