This is certainly one of the very few if not the only quiet toddler activity that takes place in our home. But no. It’s not only quiet. It’s also a great way your little one can learn and develop patience.

Quiet Toddler Activity

I was extremely surprised that our 2-year-old chose this activity for himself. But hey, I was so thankful for the half an hour, no action around! He was just sitting there patiently and fishing.

Quiet Toddler Activity

If you want to try out this super simple and magical quiet toddler activity at home with your little one, it’s super easy to create it. Thus, you will few things:


  1. Big plastic box – we used our IKEA Trofast storage box. We use it for sensory bins and pouring station as well.
  2. Bath toys – sea creatures.
  3. Fishing rods – if you don’t have a fishing game at home, you can easily create a fishing rod out of a wooden stick or straw and a thread.
  4. A small basket for the fishes that your little one will catch.

How did this quiet toddler activity go in our case

Firstly, it started as a pouring station. One thing led to another and he asked me to create a pool for his bath toys. So, I did.

Also, his grandpa was over for breakfast and they talked about fishing. His grandpa loves fishing, and he promised him to take him fishing, when he is old enough. Until then, he told him to exercise with a magnetic fishing game with two fishing rods and 10 magnetic wooden sea creatures and numbers on their back.

Initially, he started to fish his magnetic sea animals, but soon, the fishing rods were in the pool.

And, then the magic happened. He was just sitting there for half an hour quietly fishing. His grandpa got the second fishing rod and then they were fishing together.

Give it a try!

Happy Playing!

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