Make your life easier this winter with this simple daily toddler schedule! It gives the day some good structure, so you can plan your day better.

Additionally, we included quick and easy toddler meal ideas. So, keep calm, when you need to make something in 5 minutes for your little one.

And, we included some fun ideas for toddler activities that you can repeat daily. Those are surely quick, easy, and no-prep. Also make sure, that your little one exercises and moves enough in the wintertime. That’s important for their good sleep.


Editable Daily Toddler Schedule

Created for parents with toddlers ages 1-3, you use this editable template not only to plan your days better, but also to create wonderful memories with your little one.


This All-in-One super simple daily toddler schedule editable printable is great for anyone who is looking for some inspiration and a super easy template how to structure their days with their little ones (12 – 36 months) this year.

Create your own perfect daily toddler routine, if our free example template below does not meet your needs.

We included some suggestions to ease your planning too! You can edit easily the fields if you want!

Alternatively, if you need just one-pager, this editable template will do it for you.

Daily TOddler Schedule

If you need just a sample, use this free simple toddler routine.

Simple Toddler Routine

This toddler schedule is very close to our real one.

Aiden is 2 years old and sleeps between 12-13.5 hours. His day starts at around 7-8.00 am and ends between 8.30-9.00 pm with one nap time.

In the winter, in strong contrast to spring and summer, we spend only around 2-3 hours a day outdoors. Therefore, most of our activities in the wintertime take place indoors. If you need some ideas for indoor gross motor activities in the winter, check out these 39+ indoor activities.

Every day we do at least 180 min physical activities. Specifically, we have about 12 must-do gross motor activities on our daily schedule.

Additionally, we included on our toddler schedule these 7 must-do daily toddler activities. Easy and no-prep, they are the best to support your toddler to grow up at their own pace.

Daily Toddler Schedule Wintertime

Otherwise, everything else is pretty straightforward. We follow unstructured playtime whereas we try to cover every activity block with at least one activity daily.

This means, that Aiden determines what activity he wants to do and when. However, I try to monitor, that we count, read, dance and exercise enough during the day.


And about cooking… I try to limit it to 60 minutes a day all together. At the end of the day, 1 hour cooking time daily adds up up to 365 hours in a year. Huh. Just imagine or calculate if you cook longer every day. When you add the feeding time to it, it’s no wonder where our precious time goes in the first years of life of our little ones. So, if you need some easy and quick meal ideas, check out and try out today some of our healthy toddler meal recipes.

Why is a daily toddler schedule and routine important?

According to the findings of a project on the social and emotional foundations for early Learning at the Vanderbilt University, routines and schedules:

  1. Influence a child’s emotional, cognitive, and social development.
  2. Help children feel secure.
  3. Support children understand expectations.
  4. Reduce behavior problems.
  5. Result in higher rates of child engagement.

If you need a more detailed daily toddler schedule, check out this one.

Happy Playing!

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