Well, it seems no matter where you are in the world, you might need this simple INDOOR Daily Toddler Schedule right now.

We share our new indoor daily toddler schedule to make our lives a little easier during this challenging period of time. Walks in the park or on the beach seem to be canceled in many cities all over the world, but we’ve got to make the best out of every day. Even if we’re stuck indoors this spring.

To everyone who is stuck in an apartment building with no option to go out and you have kids at home: Stay sane! Open windows regularly, use your balcony or backyard, if you have one and try to work out as much as you can. Be present and pay attention to your kids. Remind yourself, that this too will pass.

So, here they are – our springtime indoor schedules.

Editable Daily Toddler Schedule

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Indoor Daily Schedule
Daily Schedule

Simple Indoor Daily Schedule 12-18 M

This Indoor Daily Toddler Schedule 12-18M is very close to our Stay-at-home Wintertime Toddler Schedule 12-18M.

Simple Indoor Daily Schedule 12-18 M

There is a slight difference: back in the winter, we could go outside for walks. We spent most of the time voluntarily indoors. Sad, but true: now we know, that stay-at-home mom schedule 12-18M in the winter is very close to the current indoor situation.

Simple Indoor Daily Toddler Schedule

This simple daily toddler schedule is very similar to our Springtime Toddler Schedule. However, instead of our 4-5 hours planed outdoors, we will need to spend them indoors for the next weeks. If you are in a similar situation try to spend most of your time in the backyard, or on the balcony or in the worst case at least at an open window.

Simple Indoor Daily Toddler Schedule

This schedule includes some ideas for activities with toddlers and kids. If you need some more inspiration, check out these 20 Indoor Activities for kids, that you can repeat daily.

Here is also the pdf file, if you want to print it out.

Stuck Inside

We are now in Europe and my husband in the US, everyone spending time indoors. There’s one good thing about it though, because it seems that couples who need to stay indoors together, started to file for divorce as soon as they could leave the house.

On the contrary, we hope that everything will resolve soon for the best and we will be together again!

Stay healthy and sane!

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